Friday, March 30, 2012

This craving . . . . Music ! !

         This moment is like I wanna dance... I don't know but it tends to happen in the midnight or the middle of the night that I wanna dance on some Hardcore Punjabi music .. I am craving for some good beats right now. .

Its better to be up on the dance floor than moving ur legs and hands on the bed  . . ha ha
If it would have been India, I would have gotten into someone's 'Baarat' and would have danced my heart out.. satisfying myself to the edge .
There is nothing close to like that here in NY !!

The only thing I would now tend to have in my dreams is me 'grooving' literally. At times my dreams tend to make me move in sleep.. How awkward and uncanny is this obsession for beats ! Some good Sukhbir's or Jazzy B's music and beats would make my night . . But the matter is, just the songs don't matter, disco moves do !!

Right now, I am in the mood to just say 'Bring it on, we ll see to the aftermath' . . . This madness would get me in some ultimate mood . . Jesus !! 

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