Friday, November 23, 2012

The Feeling that lacked EMOTIONS!

I wish I was loved the same way you loved him
With no contemplation's
I wish you were there for me the time I craved for you
Like you did to him
A feeling so motherly

Perhaps I didn't deserve what he did
For I had done so wrong
By being alive yet dead inside
Like I will be left to rot
Amongst the crowd of intelligence
A feeling so uneasy

It was a sentiment of me
A part of me which
Yelled 'mother'
But you were away
As you had been, for miles now,
For sometime

Can I acknowledge you now?
Or do I speculate around in life

To be answered

If I will be loved or not . .
By a mother ?

Thursday, November 15, 2012


I stood in the mist
like nothing had happened
like I was stable
as if the love was intact
even while being apart

and I continued
to be a part of the world
so ill
as if I had never departed
in the reality of my own

I was trying,
trying to adapt myself
to the settings so variant
and I forgot the pain that existed
in the world of
the pain in me

And one day
I left
I bid farewell to the people
of my discern
and wrote this prose to them
from the grave I was dug in
to remind them

That I was scraped

deep down with a fresh wound

they were anonymous to.