Tuesday, May 29, 2012

The Portrait .. Which he drew

The Portrait he drew of me..
      I was sitting in the midst of the crowd.. Had no inkling of someone keeping an eye on me.. Yet I was into my own la la land.. It was a concert I was at.. and he was looking right through people at me.
Since it was a dance concert, nothing could hold me down from moving my hips and with those zig zag moves.
And he kept gazing.. in bits and pieces, through here and there. For a while, I felt as if some aura is touching me, attracting me to just move. Move a little. But I stood still relishing the dancers and various other artists. He was a painter I figured. He had brushes..color palettes...a painting board.. measurement rulers etc. in his side pockets. My vision was in the center at the beautiful ladies dancing when my friend shook me and uttered-

 "Latu, the guy right there keeps looking at you, I been noticing, he looks up, down, up,down.. and he continues doing that. What is he upto. Shall I go ask him?"

I replied - "Chod na (Leave it), must be some sort of a well-wisher or something, lets not get distracted because of him. Look at that belly dancer, OM EM GEE".

And she nudged, while staring at that man. He didn't even bother to react to what the public or people around him were concerned for. He stood focused. Concise. He didn't care as to what we were chattering about. An hour passed. He was onto the same deeds. Up, down, up, down.. now it was getting on my nerves. Because I had no sense as to what he had been doing. He was on my right side. I looked at him with a rage and curiosity at the same time in my vision. He looked back. He smiled. I uttered : "What the ... ". He had an expression on his face which conveyed not to move. Not to utter anything. I was in a fit of rage this time. I figured, that my friend wasn't deluding anymore.
The man was upto something. Something mischevious I analyzed. We kept looking back and forth at each other. It was astonishing that he hadn't moved from an hour. He was stationed at one place. One seat.

     A couple of hours passed, the concert was ongoing. With multiple dancers, sundry artists and singers presented their talent and work. They were appreciated for being flawless in whatever they do. The aura around the concert was positive. The vibes which held me because of something, because of someone.

    Finally, the concert got over. I went upto him, not requesting but indignantly interrogating him as to what he kept gazing at me for? He smirked. While I kept looking at his mushy looks, his golden beard which was seductive captivated my sight. His lips which were deep red in color and fleshy. His cozy skin which seemed a bliss to touch. His fragnance, his ambience.. everything was enchanting about that man. I felt as if I wouldn't be able to take my eyes off him. The beautiful male figure. I was mentally absent from the present concert even when I was physically there.

         He clasped me. I was intimidated. He then left me. He raised his hand towards me affirming : "Hey, I am Vance. And you?"

For a second I thought of not reacting to what he said, ultimately I did.. "Latika" !

He smirked AGAIN ! I was concerned about his stares at me.. So I ended up asking : "Umm, what have you been staring at me for from past 3 hours, without a move?"
The Man : "I am your well-wisher, wanna show you something".
Me : "Well-wisher? Yah okay ! Show me what?"

He grabbed his painting board from a side and slightly lifted the curtain from the Portrait. I was overwhelmed to see that the man had drawn my portrait from a distance. Well, he was a painter and was meant to be exemplary, but I analyzed it so deeply, that it seemed impeccable.

   I was startled to see his effortless painting.. It was plainly beautiful from every corner. I was speechless. I thanked him perhaps a million times when my stares met his.
All he concluded while leaving was - "I fell for your sincerity, your beauty. Also, every man who stares at you isn't the jerk. Grant him a chance, Grant him you.. I ll move on..Keep the gift and I will cherish your smile..."

   And then I woke up, feeling as if I had crushed my beloved. What would have happened if just a dream was that enthralling? I was in love allready and my 'dream' had been concluded.. Atleast his words were worth a kill. The portrait.. Fortunately the portrait he drew of me.. was something.. was a kill..

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Friday, May 25, 2012

Teri aankhein..Aankhein Teri..

    Teri aankhon se zarra yun chura le,
  Teri aankhon se zarra yun chura le,
Ke tujh me humari raza ho..

Band aankhon se tujhe apna bana le,
Bas yahi teri dua ho.. 

Hum chahne wale hain tere,
Yakeen karke to dekh,
Aashiqo me ginti hoti hai humari
Zara shiddat se humpe marke to dekh..

Gunah na kar aisa, ki tujhe gum miley,
Waqif hai teri sargam se,
Mohabbat karke to dekh.. 

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Thursday, May 24, 2012

Romancing in the Past ..

     She was sitting on a mountain to dream high,
With a desire to shine and touch the sky,
She had the vision to make him hers,
Silent tone, and peaceful blurs..

She conferred with him, remembering the times,
Sharing the joys, pennies and dimes,
It was something about the couple,
They had their own secrets, yet were social..

The romance was alive in and out,
The never ending love existed throughout,
The love should be like that,
Romancing in the Past,
In the dreams of just 'one'...

The love story never ended,
Infact their times became the memories of her's,
Her lover had faded, without her notice,
Yet she romanced in the past,
Had no future, just the past..


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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Childhood - What it really was ?

       This has been happening that my mother yells at me even now,"Beta, you are not a kid anymore, you are transforming into a mature young girl, why dont you act like that at home?" Ha ha . To be precise, I do have a smirk on my face when she says that. But the truth is, that I would never grow up from inside because I like her giving me lectures for no good reasons. At times, there are some close ones who would chit chat about their childhood and I (serious personality) would barely utter something. Some sudden emotion hits the walls of my brain and I tend to speak about my CHILDHOOD in a random awkward tone. However it is a speechless feeling when I converse about it. I have done so much in my childhood that one would definitely end up calling me a 'wicked kid'.

I was very MiScHeViOuS !! Atleast until 15 I was, then I ended up coming to U.S.A and there was a framed wicked teenager part of me which came out to be devilish amongst some friends. My grandma used to tell me how I used to throw the family's sandals down from 3rd floor to the 1st floor. How I used to play and dirty myself with flour while seeing her work in kitchen. How I used to imitate my mom in front of my grandma.
How I used to to hide after being a wild kid to get no beatings from my mom. And how I used to use my mother's cosmetics to primp myself ruining her set of makeup. Blah Blah . . . .

Its funny how such stuff always remains a part of you. And its uncanny (in a good way) that I still remember that I was a pain in the ass yet the cutest baby girl. Well others' said so, cant really deny the validity of that. He he.
However, it is spectacular that such things and certain matter about your childhood is precious.. Too precious!

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Sunday, May 20, 2012

Dowry ? Why ?

     It is meant to be a new life for the couple after marriage. As to say a 'new start' to their love spirit. But often in many countries like Africa & India, even now a girl's power is underestimated. 'She' - just because of a tag 'female' is not honored the same way as a man is. I ask the society, Why? Why that difference is still remaining when all you people talk about is moving forward? Why that darkness hasn't faded to hold onto some light? The last one - Why has not the generation been productive in thinking instead of quoting lame scenarios.
It is not uncanny, nor is it stupid to be sexist. It is just BIZARRE !! As bizarre as it sounds...
Never was a woman under pressure to commit suicide; never was a woman so compelled to disregard her own conscience. However, it is no more a habit, its a TREND .. a walky-talky types.. It started, it is going on, it will go on unless a constructive initiative is taken.

Our society no matter what culture it belongs to is conservative. Atleast it is supposed to be being a democratic. Yet it fades to accomplish those pensive beliefs, such concepts of a strong foundation. I mean, does everything in a marriage revolve around 'dowry'? Or is it just the anticipation from a guy's side to mentally rape a girl's clan? Who would be that tough in this generation? The guy would never reveal the side of dowry if it is meant to be True Love. Well of course, he would torture his woman in any condition to fulfill his. Now that's not when you say 'I love you'. When you mean your words, no conditions should EXIST !
Since childhood, we are taught to be benevolent to others, our elders, and there comes a time in life during our marriage when we are ready to have a war with anybody seeing no age and respect which should be under consideration.

Dowry is an impractical word. Sort of like a waste in the garbage in our house from days and weeks yet we are reluctant to dispose it. What would be the use of keeping garbage in the house from weeks? It will eventually stink.
It would be rotten, hence polluting the whole community. The very same concept or analogy is with the dowry. The more we keep it in our minds, the chances of it stinking are a lot higher. Consequently, polluting the whole community.

Depreciating a woman's honor is equal to contempt towards your own self. Her power remains unknown unless she uses them against the man or any other culprit who tortures her. Thoughts of dowry are devastating. The word itself either breaks a relation or make some without any conditions. Come on people, respect the partner you have. Because you know, that she would be the only one who would either make you or break you. We belong to an educated community, a good/respectful family.. where our morals and values are not brought into question. Then talking over nonsense is a full crap not worth thinking about. Our values as a human being command us to be humane inside out and not just a devilish notable. Keeping your inner soul alive is a lesson to all culprits. Let it shine and not be under any sin.

When we converse about rising ourselves to a new level, it means to give a new grade to our envisions as well.. Lets hope to see if not an immediate then a progessing change within our ownselves and in the humankind by taking fruitful action against dowry. The society, every individual living in it has to be enlightened, and end Dowry System throughout !! Because the world is changing people. We are educating ourselves through sundry means and acting like an  illiterate is a category under stupidity. Women - raise your voices against dowry, do not fret, do not be intimidated, we, women are the critic, and anybody be it a guy's family would go 'for' dowry would be penalized ! Take the vow and forward the steps . . .

I will terminate the subject matter here, quoting it : "To be fully seen by somebody, then, and be loved anyhow - this is a human offering that can border on miraculous.” 

I hope there would be a change in us, a change in the customs and a change in our minds.. Good Luck! 

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Saturday, May 19, 2012

Aisa Waqt ..

Qatra Qatra kahein nazrein yeh,
Tum milo, to naah kehke bhi beh jaaye,
Rooh hai aisi, tarash ke dekho,
Bin kahein, aankhein num ho jaaye..

O khudaya, itna waqt na laga,
Usse humse milaane me,
Thak gaye hain ab hum dono,
Kuch to jawab de is lambe intezaar ka..

Tu kuch na kahein, 
Aisa waqt na rahein,
Haari baazi humein jeetni hai,
Kar de haan tu bhi ab milaane me,
Warna hadh ho jaaye, 
Aisa pal na de..

Sun le ab, aisi pukar, aisa waqt na de..
Na de aisa waqt..

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Thursday, May 17, 2012

The yearnings and desires of them..depict a story !!

      Everyday I walk through the same road, same path, same red lights, same crowd, same stores.. the only thing which actually differs from all this is 'the expressions, the reactions' of those people who catch my eye.
Just like my everyday life my road to my education has been the same, yet I notice that every morning 'he' has a different gesture to work with..
Every morning exactly at 7:30am I reach the station, and he would be standing there counting the few dollars he earns in one single day by selling newspapers. Next to him would be his tiny chair, on which he keeps his bag, a few bundles of extra newspapers and on the ground is the reading matter for public while he stands waiting for the papers to be sold. He is about a 65 year old man, fair in color, medium height. He is always there on time, with an elated face as if there is no sun setting in his sunshine life. He seems to be a solitary senior citizen, who sells newspapers for his living. Every single day, I would notice him there in a silent tone of morning, gazing at that man; perceiving a contrast from normal news sellers. There is a saccharine smile on his face, a different texture of his felt satisfaction, which I discern as happiness. He seems so content with whatever he earns. So jolly as if his few dollars bring a delight to his eyes. It gives me valuable peace when I look at that heart filling smile and believing that these people have a precious reason to live for..
 - simply smiling over their hard work, realizing that their hard work is worth a million dollar smile. And it actually is, precisely the amount of happiness he gets from not just by selling his newspapers, but a different perception to 'smile' which he concisely comprehends and most of us don't. Those tiny things which should be a bliss, often develop a sense of agony within us whereas these people find ecstasy and euphoria even in every ephemeral matter.

Story (2)

     The other day, I was travelling on the bus, when I noticed that this one woman seemed fearful. She had a blunt shadow reflected which got me pensive and I figured that she had pain in her eyes. Her vision seemed agonizing, depicting that she feared something she could not talk about. She even feared the person sitting next to her. I understood that when she shook being lost when the person sitting next to her had accidentally hit her. The woman's eyes were filled with water; it felt as if she wanted to convey something.. a story..something which was a burden on her.
She hadn't left yet.. she was still on the bus on a next seat ahead of me. I was noticing her.. I caught a sense of violence, scar, a vibe which could not be defined. I felt that she couldn't breathe. There was something which was bothering her, as if she was breathing her last moment while she knew he would shot her down. It was ambiguous, a vague depicture of unborn sentiment. I hadn't given up. I was there trying to understand her emotion, yet I got a part of the major. I had understood that she was in pain. She needed someone, a pal perhaps to convey or share her story with. Yet I was not one of them...She got up, looked back at me..
Moved ahead
.. I stood up, walked to her.. and I somehow realised that she.. - she faded in mist..

    She disappeared out of nowhere, when I evaluated that she was an empty,solitary soul, in the form of a human looking for companionship.. But I.. I still failed to reach her.. 

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Sunday, May 6, 2012

Aamir Khan - Satyamev Jayate !!

     It wont be fair if I judge individuals on the basis of their work.. but won't it be impartial if I look upon them as to what they anticipate or by their actions? It certainly would be !!
One heck of a bollywood star, a genuine paramount - Aamir Khan, has come up with series of
'Satyamev Jayate' (Truth alone prevails) . A show which is to enlighten people about the happenings in the country,India, where there still crime, terror, corruption exists.. Terror might not be amongst people, but it is struggling to win at any cost in their minds, in their attitudes where society is turned down as if they could do absolutely nothing about it.

Satyamev Jayate, a show which is to educate people and encourage them to be on the right lane instead of being overused, terrorized! India always has been a country where there is no lack of love, affection, concern, but when you come down to the end point, it really does get stuck on one bullet - Why haven't people changed?
Yes, it really does hit me pondering over stuff which might end up modifying community, companionship amongst billions of people living there. Aamir Sir has not only done a superior job in producing a show like this, but also making people realise that its the time to STOP it. To actually get done with the crime rates, the gang rapes, sexism , beatings etc.. India might not be number 1 in such atrocities, it still, even in this date holds the position on number 2.

Aamir Sir, who is so diplomatic, believes in actually tackling the dilemmas with courage and zeal, instead of losing all and acknowledge the defeat. The country should be proud of him and his actions against the corruption, which would bring a change within the community, within the corrupted minds. Satyamev Jayate is a show which would counsel the clan to think prolific, fertile. There are still some illiterate ones, who would criticize Aamir Sir to mind his own business and not to over react, but they are insolent, unenlightened, so they would not notice any positive change, instead they would prefer sticking to their damaged lives..
Thats how thinking adverse affects the foolish ones..

With all love, respect, care and concern, I would motivate Aamir Sir to go ahead with his series and be a change in the society. Be the one to enlighten people to a great extent not just by questioning or anchoring, but also making them aware of what is going on around their households. The show is a hit, a tremendous roll up, a warning for the future.. "Mend your ways now or else Karma is a bitch, dont cry later on".. a message..
which now should awake people with the enthusiasm and truth they have lacked.
After all,

Satyameva Jayate.. (Truth alone Prevails) ~~~
Salute to Aamir Khan

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Saturday, May 5, 2012

Urdu Sonnet ~~

Kissa hum likhenge dil-e-bekaraar ka
Khat mein sajake phool hum pyaar ka
Lafzon mein likh denge apna hale-dil
Dekhenge kya jawab ata hai dildaar ka.

Us raah me chalenge jahan intezaar ho tumhara, 
Dil ke lafzo ko de kar sahara, 
Phool to ek bahana hai humare kareeb aane ka,
Jab dil hi bik gya to ab kya jawab hoga humara. 

Kareeb ane ki arzoo ke liye bahane kaun chahta hai
Akhir Tere Khareedaar-diladaar to hum hi hai zamane mein
Aur intezaar mein nazar rahon pe arse se kuch yun tika kar baithe hain
Hai ehsaas ye aisa, mano ek puri umar 
guzar gayi tere fasane mein.
Ek puri umar guzar gayi tere fasane mein... 

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