Sunday, May 6, 2012

Aamir Khan - Satyamev Jayate !!

     It wont be fair if I judge individuals on the basis of their work.. but won't it be impartial if I look upon them as to what they anticipate or by their actions? It certainly would be !!
One heck of a bollywood star, a genuine paramount - Aamir Khan, has come up with series of
'Satyamev Jayate' (Truth alone prevails) . A show which is to enlighten people about the happenings in the country,India, where there still crime, terror, corruption exists.. Terror might not be amongst people, but it is struggling to win at any cost in their minds, in their attitudes where society is turned down as if they could do absolutely nothing about it.

Satyamev Jayate, a show which is to educate people and encourage them to be on the right lane instead of being overused, terrorized! India always has been a country where there is no lack of love, affection, concern, but when you come down to the end point, it really does get stuck on one bullet - Why haven't people changed?
Yes, it really does hit me pondering over stuff which might end up modifying community, companionship amongst billions of people living there. Aamir Sir has not only done a superior job in producing a show like this, but also making people realise that its the time to STOP it. To actually get done with the crime rates, the gang rapes, sexism , beatings etc.. India might not be number 1 in such atrocities, it still, even in this date holds the position on number 2.

Aamir Sir, who is so diplomatic, believes in actually tackling the dilemmas with courage and zeal, instead of losing all and acknowledge the defeat. The country should be proud of him and his actions against the corruption, which would bring a change within the community, within the corrupted minds. Satyamev Jayate is a show which would counsel the clan to think prolific, fertile. There are still some illiterate ones, who would criticize Aamir Sir to mind his own business and not to over react, but they are insolent, unenlightened, so they would not notice any positive change, instead they would prefer sticking to their damaged lives..
Thats how thinking adverse affects the foolish ones..

With all love, respect, care and concern, I would motivate Aamir Sir to go ahead with his series and be a change in the society. Be the one to enlighten people to a great extent not just by questioning or anchoring, but also making them aware of what is going on around their households. The show is a hit, a tremendous roll up, a warning for the future.. "Mend your ways now or else Karma is a bitch, dont cry later on".. a message..
which now should awake people with the enthusiasm and truth they have lacked.
After all,

Satyameva Jayate.. (Truth alone Prevails) ~~~
Salute to Aamir Khan

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  1. Hi latika,

    I am very much in favor of the show..after anna is only superstar Amir khan who has come forward with this issue..the one who thinks for the benefit of the society always gets criticised by the ppl which is so sad..
    count me in too..
    satyamaye jayate..

  2. Sure.. We all go to keep him motivated so that he doesnt get off the track. He's fighting for a better 'India', if not all then some Indian citizens like him do think about improving the status of our country..
    Takecare and keep updating.. Thank You Angel !