Sunday, May 20, 2012

Dowry ? Why ?

     It is meant to be a new life for the couple after marriage. As to say a 'new start' to their love spirit. But often in many countries like Africa & India, even now a girl's power is underestimated. 'She' - just because of a tag 'female' is not honored the same way as a man is. I ask the society, Why? Why that difference is still remaining when all you people talk about is moving forward? Why that darkness hasn't faded to hold onto some light? The last one - Why has not the generation been productive in thinking instead of quoting lame scenarios.
It is not uncanny, nor is it stupid to be sexist. It is just BIZARRE !! As bizarre as it sounds...
Never was a woman under pressure to commit suicide; never was a woman so compelled to disregard her own conscience. However, it is no more a habit, its a TREND .. a walky-talky types.. It started, it is going on, it will go on unless a constructive initiative is taken.

Our society no matter what culture it belongs to is conservative. Atleast it is supposed to be being a democratic. Yet it fades to accomplish those pensive beliefs, such concepts of a strong foundation. I mean, does everything in a marriage revolve around 'dowry'? Or is it just the anticipation from a guy's side to mentally rape a girl's clan? Who would be that tough in this generation? The guy would never reveal the side of dowry if it is meant to be True Love. Well of course, he would torture his woman in any condition to fulfill his. Now that's not when you say 'I love you'. When you mean your words, no conditions should EXIST !
Since childhood, we are taught to be benevolent to others, our elders, and there comes a time in life during our marriage when we are ready to have a war with anybody seeing no age and respect which should be under consideration.

Dowry is an impractical word. Sort of like a waste in the garbage in our house from days and weeks yet we are reluctant to dispose it. What would be the use of keeping garbage in the house from weeks? It will eventually stink.
It would be rotten, hence polluting the whole community. The very same concept or analogy is with the dowry. The more we keep it in our minds, the chances of it stinking are a lot higher. Consequently, polluting the whole community.

Depreciating a woman's honor is equal to contempt towards your own self. Her power remains unknown unless she uses them against the man or any other culprit who tortures her. Thoughts of dowry are devastating. The word itself either breaks a relation or make some without any conditions. Come on people, respect the partner you have. Because you know, that she would be the only one who would either make you or break you. We belong to an educated community, a good/respectful family.. where our morals and values are not brought into question. Then talking over nonsense is a full crap not worth thinking about. Our values as a human being command us to be humane inside out and not just a devilish notable. Keeping your inner soul alive is a lesson to all culprits. Let it shine and not be under any sin.

When we converse about rising ourselves to a new level, it means to give a new grade to our envisions as well.. Lets hope to see if not an immediate then a progessing change within our ownselves and in the humankind by taking fruitful action against dowry. The society, every individual living in it has to be enlightened, and end Dowry System throughout !! Because the world is changing people. We are educating ourselves through sundry means and acting like an  illiterate is a category under stupidity. Women - raise your voices against dowry, do not fret, do not be intimidated, we, women are the critic, and anybody be it a guy's family would go 'for' dowry would be penalized ! Take the vow and forward the steps . . .

I will terminate the subject matter here, quoting it : "To be fully seen by somebody, then, and be loved anyhow - this is a human offering that can border on miraculous.” 

I hope there would be a change in us, a change in the customs and a change in our minds.. Good Luck! 

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