Sunday, February 7, 2016


I remember when we used to lit the candles
And I had a wound for every burn
I gave myself
I remember when the petals had a crisp
But the shine never persisted

The color of my skin had begun changing
Within the hours of confinement
My love for you wasn't that of eternity
It concluded in a shade of grey

Ocean wasn't too blue before
Perhaps the love was madly pure
Which made us believe that the sky is blue
Colors that never existed turned out to be veracious

When one night, you scribbled on me
As if I was your canvas
And your fingers were the strokes
At times, too high
At times, too low

No, I don't mourn over the dead us
You took the pain out on me
And let me be the part of hell
By snatching away my grace with the acid you once made.