Saturday, August 24, 2013

Death of a soul

She was drifting away to the other shore of life
where life was a different case than
getting along with your grown up kids
she knew, Mrinal would never get along with her
like she does with other mothers
Yet, Suhana (she) had a ray of hope
that perhaps some Tuesday of the week
Mrinal would not hold a grudge against her
Oh Well, Tuesday was the day when Mrinal used to
throb her mother in a room black and blue
A day which Suhana noted in her journal
with a tear uncovered.

She hoped that maybe someday Mrinal would
treat her with the equal morals and values as
she does with others.
Suhana had suffered a lot allready. And now
Beatings from her own daughter
The sound of deaths she had imagined
and curled herself into
were intimidating.
A piece of no commence.

She tried hard to bond up with Mrinal,
be her buddy of blues and bliss
Though it worked for a short span
but never got carried through time

With no longer than 3 months
which Suhana had endured
she committed suicide
in the memory of Mrinal
keeping her in mind
Mourning for her own soul
and her daughter's
with bare cracks.

Monday, August 5, 2013

Audacity [she carried]

" She was done travelling around the world in her way. It was her 7th month of pregnancy and she had finally bathed into a new sense of life with a new spirit. She didn't just care for the ones she loved. But also for the ones she had no contacts with. She said she liked being around the unknown, to have them known and dwell in their hearts of variant mettle. For once, she had been out of her shoes and stepped into a contrasting world. Very peculiar. The dreams she had never endured before were a temporary part of her routine. The ones with green and blue colors. The ones that had a blur ray of hope. Like it would stay she aspired.

She had compromised with the nature a few times already. While her walks got slower with time, her longing to be a mother wasn't lasting. She was a woman with an objective. A soul with a difference. A character of solemn commitments. A lady of dense words. When she liked being loyal to all her characters, she feared being audacious to herself. Because she knew that soon he would rupture her bones and shatter her soul without a tear.

And just for once, there and then, she would fall apart in all aspects. With tears of her gone unborn. "