Friday, March 29, 2013

The First Glance


I told you right
it was happening
little by little
when the tainted windows were
roofed with mist,
also the ground suffused with
salmon images of you with
tones of black... sobbing in your fondness


The way you used to nudge me
with the broken lanes you have had a walk on
little by little
it was all real
like I was romancing with your
red floating image,
touching peppered borders of your lips
a little black, a little brown


And you turned back every time you walked an inch
on the wooden platform
to sip on the left coffee
with your crimson lips
gulping it in a total of five breaths


Then, you touched my cheeks
with your pallid fingers
and you uttered,
 "You are mine, wholly".
with a smirk and lustful madness
and you moved your hands around my waist
a little higher, to get a texture of my curves.


For exactly 20 minutes we were breathing
each other,
with a strange comfort around
a little dusky and copper of a color
you pulled me for the last time
Like you wouldn't feel the butterflies again


Moving on, we walked
and it seemed immortal
with the brushes of roses and carnations
had concealed your mind
like I failed to . . . pure slightly
And we osculated , again
Not noticing,

That we were stood at the airport.
Losing ourselves in our own galaxies.

Friday, March 22, 2013

A New Start?

It was here,

she was passing the interval of keeping him

in her anticipation

And it was a feeling of 'the gone' again

Cliched butterflies and a violin backdrop

Or maybe a different title this time?

Perhaps it was,

                     love with a better ending.

In easy words.


Saturday, March 16, 2013


It was fading
with every sip of his
And her mascara was smudging
around the corner of her eyes
she was ceasing the ache in her
But nothing went well
and when she finally departed with the one
He figured that was it.
An acute pain rose in his brain
hitting his blood vessels hard
Ending up with a stroke

While she turned back and held rivers in her eyes,
Oceans of blue mist
And a fairy tale

Which they lived on reminiscing
Now had bid a farewell,
To the lovers of an era
Opposite the stream. 

Monday, March 11, 2013

A little Boost ~


It was reaching the point when I stepped back and uttered to myself, "You haven't even felt the meaning that deep, then why are you doing this to yourself? Move back and give yourself a chance to live again. Forgetting everything that one day I stepped forward to set new goals and claimed to be near perfection. When other could be then why can't I be one?

Since then,
I been living on the edge. Not playing with my life. But have learnt to take risks and abandon the hindrances.

Now, I paint for a living. Very casual.

P.S - I was committing suicide. I am glad it clicked you.

© Latika Sareen

One of my Extreme Favs.

Someday when I get on the dancing stage . . . this is one of those songs which are on my top list to perform on . .

I have been a dead fan of this song since it came out and to be genuine, I cant really wait to have a distinctive choreography on this song. So So Soulful.. :)

Bollywood should not be backing off from composing such tunes and melodies. Its extreme !! 

Saturday, March 9, 2013


Muddat ke baad tumhe jana hai
Khamoshiyan sataati hai ab
Guftagoon karein zehan se kuch
Khilkhilaat teri rulaati hai ab

Shikwa hai tumse
Ye ki tumne hume abroo na rakha
Waqt ka khel humne tarasha
Tumne bhi honsla na rakha

Haste rahe bechaineyaan leke
Ye sochke ke nayi manzil aayegi
Kya pata kisi daur pe humein
Zindagi naye aashiq se milwaayegi

Aawara dil ne ye bhi maana
Ke ye to ek riwaaz hai
Chahne ki tamanna hai ek khwaish khud me
Tumko lekar ishq ek raaz hai

Ruswa bhi hui
Manaya bhi nahi, jaane kis shiddat se chaha tumhein
Shabnam ka aansuon par kaliyon ka muskurana
Apni khushi se aana, apni khushi se jana

Rote hue phool sa tera aashiyana
Gale lag ke jaise taaron sa jhil milana
Mud ke dekho, dagmaga na jaaye
Marke kabr se tera, mere liye wapas aana

Behti nadi jaise hum kabhi na kabhi toh milenge
Shayad woh pal abhi haseen ho
Rooh jaisi sargam, lehraati ho tan pe jaise
Mujhse zyada tera aashiyana rangeen ho . . .

© Latika Sareen

Friday, March 1, 2013


Tere bina rehne ka andaaz aa gaya hai
Jee kar bhi na jeena raas aa gaya hai 

Shaano-shaukhat sab darbaar pe hai
Bas dilbar se bichadne ka makaam aa gaya hai

Ruk gaya hu main idhar udhar jaate
Bhatakte, apne hi chaukhat pe girte giraate
Kashtiyon ka adhura kinara aa gaya hai

Dene the jinhe ashk ki saza
Woh hi insaan benaqab aa gaya hai

Kabhi na socha the humne, "Aashiq" us ke liye
Diye jo udhaar aab-deedah unhone
Jawab ab dene ka waqt aa gaya hai. . .

© Latika Sareen