Friday, March 29, 2013

The First Glance


I told you right
it was happening
little by little
when the tainted windows were
roofed with mist,
also the ground suffused with
salmon images of you with
tones of black... sobbing in your fondness


The way you used to nudge me
with the broken lanes you have had a walk on
little by little
it was all real
like I was romancing with your
red floating image,
touching peppered borders of your lips
a little black, a little brown


And you turned back every time you walked an inch
on the wooden platform
to sip on the left coffee
with your crimson lips
gulping it in a total of five breaths


Then, you touched my cheeks
with your pallid fingers
and you uttered,
 "You are mine, wholly".
with a smirk and lustful madness
and you moved your hands around my waist
a little higher, to get a texture of my curves.


For exactly 20 minutes we were breathing
each other,
with a strange comfort around
a little dusky and copper of a color
you pulled me for the last time
Like you wouldn't feel the butterflies again


Moving on, we walked
and it seemed immortal
with the brushes of roses and carnations
had concealed your mind
like I failed to . . . pure slightly
And we osculated , again
Not noticing,

That we were stood at the airport.
Losing ourselves in our own galaxies.

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