Monday, August 18, 2014

Evermore. .

I have been in love more than once,
but everytime it happened it was unreal. 
Until a moment struck me so hard that you
were a part of my presence. It had made me 
come alive out of a stiff shell. You taught me how
to love, how to be a part of someone you love,
how to be poetic in the junction of a touch. 
Sometime then I felt that today is perhaps the
time I have lived most part of my life in a pristine
aspect. Seeing you was a matter of time, loving you 
was just more than what love together really is. 
you are my fortune; the devotion. And oh have I 
mentioned the men who got the real feelings unreal?
Maybe the only thought I would want to be a part of
is you. Maybe that is the only notion which should be
mortal. You are surreal. I knew what flying in the sky 
felt like. It was what the dream was about. Love, love, love, 
which became the core of my heart and I only yearned 
for more. I had imagined such love and fervency only 
in the flicks, where the man was the only soul a woman carried.
But when I bid you farewell today, a volcano erupted
in some part of the world in a disguise claiming to be 
dead without your contiguity.