Monday, March 30, 2015

Living Like a Dead Moth

Chances were bleak if                    I l get back to myself
Everything I had touched               once, was fading
Like a spectrum of                         colors from blue to white
And on , and on                             with no identity of its own.
I had left Istanbul                           even when the memories did
Not stop haunting me                     like an ever ending wave of water
That flows with no                         set limit. But it does. Regardless
I missed his faith                            that was never to be endured or touched
But I missed it                                because I had believed in that neutrality
The surroundings which                was once ours.
Which he devastated                      with his hand on my face
Pasted like a painting                     in a world of no different 
Than a dead                                    soul which stinks like a moth. 

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Deadly Plight

I don't know i had heard it right
it seems like
like, i wasn't getting along
with rejection..

Hmm, what was it after all?
power of finances? or
power of a man?
the day couldn't have been worse
nothing had passed by as a bliss.

I was shattered, I fell
down on the floor with
no emotion.
I think the rejection was
overwhelming because I
remember the last time i had felt
this was when the cancer was back.

I can't go? What the hell do they mean
I can't go? It was my husband overseas
How could i just not be granted visa for
a damn visit? Shaking.Shaking.

It was nothing but a mere day,
mere night, I couldn't help but
regret the plight
Cried in the shower the very dawn
To soak myself up in the midst of