Wednesday, September 7, 2011

A mixture of Feelings ~~

There is a time in everybody's life when it seems incomplete.. unorganized or to simply mean - messed up..
Every particle seems gloomy, yes there are no. of other cases going on, which is wholly creating an impact on everything present?? Believe so..

But situations weaken me as i get  pensive and come up with nothing but flowin eyes.. I feel like hugging him , holding him close to me so that he could whisper that "Lats, why are you worrying?? I am there, trust me everything is me" .. OHHH those happenings, those conjunctures.. literally the ones which take breath away.. Life does become all dull without issues but excessive amount of yelling.. and "whtever" doesnt get me one either..

It should terminate soon.. or i should be with the ones i admire.. I mean since world is too small for others' meetings with me then what actually happens when its him?? Thoughts !! Thoughts !! Thoughts !! .. nothing gets outta my mind.. not problems and not the individual.. arghh !!

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