Monday, February 9, 2015

Write me Pure

You were the star 
People hoped on
Mothers and children would
Pray your sanctity 
To be like you,
Is my only ride
To follow you,
Would be heck of a pride.

Write me down
If you can in a few
Slip the words,
Breathe the dew
Kiss me lemonade
Kiss the poetry
Analyze my arrival
And I will conquer the 

Fly by music
Not hearing a word
Dance on the tunes 
Which are the weirdest
Fall in love with the nature so serene
Laugh all along in 
One breath. 

Write along with 
All the other
Smile and write
The one that doesn't make sense 
For it will make sense to you
The world wouldn't pay
For the curve on your face
So light it up,
And be the craze.