Tuesday, July 30, 2013

He loves. I watch him love.

He send me flowers.

Write me novelty rhymes

Make my right eye tear up first.

He is nocturnal

As if he has been born just to devour himself to me.

Serene. Alluring. (The babbles of his breath breathes a new wonder)

A gentleman of extreme regards and obligation

He is an utter synonym for devotion.

Why is not the world like him? I wonder how he holds his stability?

One who notes me down a desire everyday as he talks

Just to make me feel Loved.

Sweetheart, you are so complete even in being incomplete

If that is what love is than the passion in me has been


Tuesday, July 23, 2013


For one moment the sky had turned into
Molten blue
Her life had evaporated
And transformed into the
Hues she had gone through

And from "above"
The voice exclaimed,
"I am one of your emotion
Would be showering as hail now
Not your tear" !

Sunday, July 14, 2013

10 Nonsense Words he couldn't wait to say

He knew he was spreading a web for me, yet I was naive in a major sense back then. It was tough to make him pay for what he did, not impossible though. Prayers helped. His words didn't. His perceptions said I was gullible, mine said he was underdeveloped. Douche !

1.) "Could you google your stupidity's symptoms?"

2.) "Everybody thinks I am not a loving guy. But trust me, I get along with you and not my mom or sister" (LIKE REALLY?)

3.) "Every guy out there is a moron in an extreme way. I am not"

4.) "Every guy wants sex from you. I want your love". (SOB)

5.) "My mom would never accept you. So, we ll elope and tie a knot"

6.) "What would you do by going to college? I ll provide you money at home"

7.) "I am a party guy and I can't skip that. I could skip you"

8.) "You cannot talk to my friends. They ll create problems between us"

9.) "If you go, I ll cut my hand" (SURE)

10.) "Can we have sex before marriage"

Alas! Who would volunteer to marry such a person who is so ingrown. For the sake of nature he's growing into a man, rest is all booty with him. 25 is really just a number I would say. Because you my dear, have no brains to run the world :) Wish you luck, wish you my prayers.