Monday, April 22, 2013

Goodbyes don't work for long !

I happened to miss you even on the deathbed
with my unheard hunger and
unseen salty rips on the face
when it was an eclipse
I thus recalled
                    When you had first visioned your victory,
                     In a ground among five thousand runners.

It was that imperative of a time
like it was never to return
as a winner amid chiliad
the chilly snow we had experienced
and the hot foam love we had committed
ourselves to
                 Made sense after a milestone.

And believe the inner me,
there was nothing so like wild after that
which shook me all the way
placing my heart on a stove to burn
When I was like so singed
                                     In the room 507
                                     of Salvage Hospital.

Uttering the last phases out of my gasp
you placed your hand onto me
aiding the wounded courage
That I will be present again in your summary
of your success,
Seeing you trip again on a set of
                                             Honor you had bestowed upon me
                                             With a flavored history of rare you.