Thursday, January 21, 2016


You were the color I had been searching for
you were the sketch I drew of
yes, it was you
the smell, the touch, the feel

Despite being completed,
why did it feel like
I was incomplete.

The curiosity of knowing you
had driven me insane in an
authentic way, where all I ever looked
was for You.

Had you been a part of my fortune today
I would have forgiven a part of you,
forgiven the hours when you drained
our love of yesterday in a trash and
walked away from me with a confidence so
high that today, we are on the opposite sides.

Had I known what the destiny had in store for you
I would have escaped. Somewhere where the rainbow ended
and the sun rose. I would have migrated to a broken world
where all they sold were bleeding veins.

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

The Kind of Love That Never Happened Again !


From the time I was born,
you raised me as a princess.
that wealthy love I could never pay for
was dearest than the quarrels we got into.

Your care, your concern for me was unmeasurable
and we did not get a note of time
when we created a bond of a mother & daughter
at a tender age of 10.

Forgive me for the times I yelled at you,
or went beyond my limit to prove myself
but I never meant to be hurtful to you
because I knew that you were breathing for me.

Had you been here today, the things would have varied
the natures' would have been different.
They might not have appreciated what you did
but I acknowledged and I did.

The uncountable days on the hospital beds,
those restless days of heaving
you were with me throughout all,
but I acknowledged. I did.

Had you been here today to see me as a bride
Things would have been different.
I yearned to get a glimpse of you one last time,
but am told that you are resting in heaven up there
blessing me in invisible forms of energy.

I know I will miss you for the time
I am alive. But we will meet one day
where I'll sob holding you to infinity.