Friday, March 30, 2012

This craving . . . . Music ! !

         This moment is like I wanna dance... I don't know but it tends to happen in the midnight or the middle of the night that I wanna dance on some Hardcore Punjabi music .. I am craving for some good beats right now. .

Its better to be up on the dance floor than moving ur legs and hands on the bed  . . ha ha
If it would have been India, I would have gotten into someone's 'Baarat' and would have danced my heart out.. satisfying myself to the edge .
There is nothing close to like that here in NY !!

The only thing I would now tend to have in my dreams is me 'grooving' literally. At times my dreams tend to make me move in sleep.. How awkward and uncanny is this obsession for beats ! Some good Sukhbir's or Jazzy B's music and beats would make my night . . But the matter is, just the songs don't matter, disco moves do !!

Right now, I am in the mood to just say 'Bring it on, we ll see to the aftermath' . . . This madness would get me in some ultimate mood . . Jesus !! 

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Sunday, March 25, 2012

A Passion to live with ... BANG ON !!

     To begin with, "Its not at all facile to be 'the one' amongst a million". 

It is a rocklike as to call a thing to even commence your journey with. Its not late to realize that. Infact I have been admitting it since a long time. I am myself from the field of Music !! I am a performer and as a performer I know how rigid and dense it is to prove yourself to gain that Self-Satisfaction. 

Everytime I watch DID (Dance India Dance) or any other show related to Dance, there is sort of a madness in me that gain its senses and I live that passion of expressing myself. It is a madness . . .  as rare as a shooting star and as common as tides in water . .
The Passion, Zeal, Hunger, Thirst, Yearning, Aggression.. these words describe the need and craving of a performer. To be 'him/her' amongst the crowd. . .

Therefore my only aim through that will be to be appeased and content that I will be someone . Dance makes my life and it would be the only thing which would keep me blessed. .  However, I fear the crowd at times. Because I know there are people who are far better than me too. So competing with the champs is not going to be as easy for me as I had anticipated. 100 times more the hard work then they have put would make me get somewhere closer to those studs but 300 times the passion what they have would make me get my goal. These notions are dynamic and potent just like ranks. They have that ability to either make me or erase me.. 

My only work now is to make it legit. To attain the Identity I want to struggle for. The name,
I would ask people who have something in life to be proud about not to back out. Struggle, fight, mettle.. keep doing it so as when you look back once you have acquired it, you feel gratified and glorious as to your days of 'labor' have now been paid..

"Your attempt would be a memory then; the only thing that would matter throughout is that you are a BANG ON ! " 

I would like to close this section with true words I firmly count on :

"Kuch aisa karke dikha, 
Khud khush ho jaaye khuda,
Aashayein khile dil ki,
Ummedein hase dil ki,
Ab mushkil nahi kuch bhi, 

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Thursday, March 22, 2012

My preference --> Blog all day long !!

  There is a saying : "Happiness is a state of activity." By Aristotle 

I believe it is necessary to comfort yourself at first, than thinking about satisfying others. If you are satisfied, people would automatically get those positive vibes.  It always feels like eternity I haven't quoted since. For me, writing has that power and aura of being crucial to live for, or as to say "I always have a thought to quote". 

Writing indeed makes me happy. I know how I have to format my concepts and hypothesis to give them a suitable completion. It somehow, happen on its own when I get to work and I feel the vibes of promotion coming through. I could read blogs all day long and would never get sick of it because reading includes some compassion too. 

There are several topics to talk about while writing, numerous things I could just get onto and would continue quoting. 
A creative thought is a writer's key to live heartily.. People who lack the zeal of being content, they should definitely try modifying their lives with their "creative thoughts".. their shouldn't be any frames in and out. Whatever one decides on talking about, should be honored and envisioned individually.  In future, I might get onto some novel writing or something, but for now, my best friend is "communication through composition". I can't even think about ditching my loyal mate and getting along with a human figure. 

"For me, abstracts work a lot better.. because, it simply makes me light hearted.. a content human figure" !!

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Friday, March 16, 2012

The Fairytale Ended . . .

     For once she felt the 'pain' deep down.. of something been broken, something uncanny. She didn't feel content for once, she was traumatized. Like actually!! Her notions were not to set apart from her lover, yet things changed.. He took a step, she took a step, he couldn't hang onto his rage, she couldn't mute her mouth, and -- it bursts.

She never have had those intimate moments with any 'male' figure. When she realistically fell in love, it didn't last forever. It was going on for years, then -- ? Years !  sounds almost like a half - century to begin with..
They were the 'lovable' couple, yet apart.. The 2 species who were living in love, blindly.. Indeed.

Yet the modified seasonal chit chats had gotten it all.. It happened once and for all -

"You have a BIG FAT EGO PROBLEM", said the girl.

"Me? And you think you are perfect?" the guy fumed.

"Well, I have given pretty much everything to be nearly perfect, the problem is with you who can't adjust", the girl uttered

"Fine, then you don't have to stay with a guy who has such problems and can't handle shit".

"Excuse me? Why can't you change yourself a bit for the sake of it?"

"Could you take time out to talk to me?" the broken guy questioned.

"I have a packed schedule, not possible for now".

"We could take time out for anything in this world if we want to. You just lack the zeal", the pissed guy exclaimed.

"Yup, I lack everything, you could go ahead talk to people you feel comfortable with".

"Look at that attitude. You could move on with your life forgetting that there was a guy named *** ".

"Oh I will, don't be too concerned for me, you too could get on setting apart".

"You are a loser, and you will a loser, respect for nothing, I dont wish to speak to you now".

"You have crossed your limits, thats allright, I started it, you ended it . . stay content your whole life now".

"Bye", the guy snapped.

"Dont ever get to see me again, you . . !" the girl grinding her teeth in anger said.


And this is how the fairytale ended . . with no regards, no concerns, just a tiff between the 'used to be loveliest couple'. It had gone worst in the past, yet the puzzle got together . . She wondered if this time, it was just okay to leave it as it was.

The girl who never had loved anybody, was now a lot more confident to stay out of it. It was neither's fault. The distance couldn't take over those hearts dipped in love. It was more likely, that both of them were terrible distressed after the fight and heartbreaks still couldn't exhibit that they had 'loved each other pretty much'. 

There was a certain thing for both of them.. They couldn't stay without each other.. Those moments and silence of distance never lasted too long. It was just not an ordinary relationship. It was bounded by affection, the closest relation of the two. She expected the guy to understand her, however, the opposite happened. He took all her words as a mark of extreme insult and shame. Despite the collapse, the two remained intact. But at times it just gets over to move onto something better.. So compromising here and there is mandatory in life.

Yes he did the cheapest thing with facebook, and she would never forgive him for that but he would have to realize the worth of her before even conversing..

The only thing she knows for future, no matter what place on the planet she would be at, she would miss him to the core, holding her tears back whispering, "I never forgot to love you, despite of all. You were and you will remain the most precious and my most gorgeous hunk of a man, there would always be a soft corner for you in there." 

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Reiki - The spiritual healing..

    What is Reiki ?

Reiki (pronounced Ray-key) is a Japanese name consisting of 2 words Rei and Ki meaning spiritually guided life energy (commonly known as Universal Life Energy), an energy which animates us all and is found all around us. Reiki is a form of spiritual healing using "universal life energy" channelled through the practitioner to the recipient. Reiki helps to harmonize body, mind and spirit for yourself or anyone you want to help. The inventor of Reiki is Dr. Mikao Usui. 

It is done by laying hands on the person's body part which is affected and is cured spiritually. Reiki can be used for many ailments like reducing stress, relieving pain, headaches, stomach upsets, back problems, asthma - respiratory problems, PMT, menstrual problems, sinus, anxiety and many more. 

Reiki could help at any level of being: physical,mental, spiritual or emotional. From acute to chronic diseases and problems could be cured by Reiki. A Reiki practitioner  is a channel which the energy is drawn through by the need or imbalance in the recipient. Neither person has to use any effort of will or concentration during this process.
As running water smoothes the jagged edges of a rock until it is small enough to roll away, Reiki flows to the areas of need, soothing pain and supporting the body's natural ability to heal itself. Reiki restores balance in one's life.

Reiki Can Never Cause Harm

Because Reiki is guided by the God-consciousness, it can never do harm. It always knows what a person needs and will adjust itself to create the effect that is appropriate for them. One never need worry about whether to give Reiki or not. It is always helpful.In addition, because the practitioner does not direct the healing and does not decide what to work on, or what to heal, the practitioner is not in danger of taking on the karma of the client. Because the practitioner is not doing the healing, it is also much easier for the ego to stay out of the way and allow the presence of God to clearly shine through.

Reiki Symbols


The Japanese Character of Reiki

In Second and Master level of Reiki you will have access to the Special Sacred Reiki Symbols and words. These are handed down from Master to Master and are used for attuning other initiates into your Reiki Linage. But more importantly they can be used for healing and protection.
Reiki Symbols are means of focusing your attention in order to connect with "specific" healing frequencies.
Using different symbols will boost up the Reiki energy.


Pronunciation "choh-koo-ray"
Alias: "The Power Symbol"

Meaning: "God and Man Coming Together" or "I have the key"

The primary use of this Symbol is to increase Reiki power. It draws Energy from around you and it focuses it where you want to.
Make the sign over the client (or yourself) and say (silently) the words Cho Ku Rei 3 times.
It is the all-purpose symbol. It can be used for anything, anywhere;
* For on the spot treatments
* To cleans negative energies
* Spiritual protection
* On food, water, medicine, herbs
* In sick rooms and hospitals
* To aid manifestation
* To empower other Reiki Symbols
* To seal energies after the treatment, etc.
If you wish to use the symbol to bring Energy to yourself, reverse it.

Pronunciation: say-hay-key
Alias: The Mental/Emotional Symbol

Meaning: God and Man Coming Together or Key to the Universe

It is used primary for mental/emotional healing and calming the mind. It is very good for:
* Psychic protection
* Cleansing
* In meditations to activate Kundalini
* To balance the right and left brain
* Aid for removing addictions
* For healing past traumas
* Clears emotional blockages and aligns the upper chakras.
* Remove negative energies and bad vibrations
Sei He Ki restores emotional balance and harmony.

Pronunciation: Hanh-shah-zay-show-nen
Alias: The Distance Symbol

Meaning: The God ( The Buddha, the Christ,..) in Me Greets the God in You to Promote Enlightenment and Piece
This is the Distant Healing Symbol and it is used to send Reiki over distance and time (past,present, future), to anyone and anything.
It is also drawn when sending a distant attunement.


Pronunciation: Tam-ara-sha

Alias: The Balanicg Factor

It is a balancing/unblocking Symbol.
* Grounds and balances energy
* Helps to unblock the energy chakra centres allowing the energy to flow
* If signed over pain helps to reduce it or dissipate it.


Pronunciation: dye-ko-me-o
Alias: The Master Symbol

It is the most powerful symbol in the Reiki group. It can be used only by Reiki Masters.
This symbol is used to heal the soul. Since it deals with the soul and our spiritual self it heals disease and illness from the original source in the aura/energy fields.
It helps to provide enlightenment and piece. It also allows to become more intuitive and psychic.
With practice this symbol brings profound life changes.

They can be activated in any of the following ways:
* By drawing them with your palm centre
* BY drawing them with your finger
* By visualizing them
* By drawing them with your third eye
* By spelling the symbol's name three times.
You can use whatever method you wish, but don't forget that it's the intentthat counts.

Where to apply them during a healing?
First place the symbol(s) on your own hands/palms and then redraw or visualise the same symbols on:
* The clients crown chakra
* The areas to be treated (if known)
* The clients hands/palms

If you can not recall a Reiki symbol, use the "alias", because both have the same energy.
With practice the symbols will become less relevant and the focus will change to the "intent" of the specific energies required.

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Sunday, March 11, 2012

These motivating words. . .

"Love all, trust a few; Do wrong to none "

"We are uncomfortable because everything in our life keeps changing -- our inner moods, our bodies, our work, the people we love, the world we live in. We can't hold on to anything -- a beautiful sunset, a sweet taste, an intimate moment with a lover, our very existence as the body/mind we call self -- because all things come and go. Lacking any permanent satisfaction, we continuously need another injection of fuel, stimulation, reassurance from loved ones, medicine, exercise, and meditation. We are continually driven to become something more, to experience something else."

“Music makes one feel so romantic - at least it always gets on one's nerves - which is the same thing nowadays.”

“I failed in some subjects in exam, but my friend passed in all. Now he is an engineer in Microsoft and I am the owner of Microsoft.” 
― Bill Gates

“Life is not divided into semesters. You don't get summers off and very few employers are interested in helping you find yourself.” 
- Bill Gates

"If you cant live for anybody, play for person in the mirror."

"My father always used to say that when you die, if you've got five real friends, then you've had a great life."
- Lee Iacocca

"Your time is limited, so don’t waste it living someone else’s life. Don’t be trapped by dogma -- which is living with the results of other people’s thinking. Don’t let the noise of others’ opinions drown out your own inner voice. And most important, have the courage to follow your heart and intuition. They somehow already know what you truly want to become. Everything else is secondary."
- Steve Jobs

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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Buttercups... Oh I meant B.A.B.I.E.S !!

  Look how beautiful nature is..! It gifts a couple the most wonderful bundle of joy.. The 'wow' moments, the 'overwhelming' instants.. It just astonish us so positively, that even normal people get traumatized.
Beautiful. Babies are one of a kind.. those angelic faces; the flawless features; their exemplary talks; their attitude; their walking styles.. everything is so cute and lovable..

The other day, I was on the bus on my way home when there was a 2 year old sitting with her mom opposite to me..She kept looking at me for good 3-5 mins, when i glanced over, she smiled and disguised herself with a scarf. She looked again, smiled at me, and concealed her alluring face again with a scarf while blushing.. I smiled thinking how cute that gesture is. This happened for some good 5 minutes when she was about to get off, looked at me again and said "bye". I was pleased! Her admirable looks and smile had won my heart. She was actually the cutest buttercup. I had the same beam on my face for long wondering how babies could just win someone's heart in less than 2 seconds. So charming..

They are a blessing indeed. Lovely creatures to be nurtured by parents.. The most adorable money banks..
I like how I have this sudden grin when I see them.. They make my day with their smiles.. I stay pleased..
Kids, just like their name are playful and the best company to hang out with.

Every other day when I am dismayed over something, the only thing that could make up my mood would be babies.. Yes! On the top of the world, no music or any other individual could aid. They work like Magic Johnsons ! The perfect species up here! Rest you know, they will remain the priceless cuties on the planet.. every now and then.. 

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Monday, March 5, 2012

Music remains a part of my life... (Part 2)

   So lets continue.. with the unfinished article. Music.. Music is colorful ! It means sundry things to people..
To some its life.. to some its a part of their work... to some its nonsense... to some its everything.. and to some its, its just the unusual meaning in the word Music.. Like it literally controls me up and down.. At times I tend to think that, why don't I just do masters in Music Engineering.. Ha ha seriously.. People question me like anything.. that, "Why don't you just be a CRAZY music engineer"? I get tired hearing all this..

When to some maniacal level I need music in my life no matter what, its worth thinking about having such bindaas future too.. Latest songs have just held onto my attention span.. It doesn't wanna pitch away.

Oh I have this INTENSE desire to be on such top lists amongst others. Some breath taking songs from last year as well as 2010 & 2012 include --
1. Tum ho (Mohit Chauhan)
2. Tu hi Haqeeqat (Javed Ali)
3. Piya o re Piya (Atif Aslam)
4. Aahatein (Kartik)
5. Haal e Dil (Harshit Saxena)
6. Kyun main Jagoon (Shafqat Amanat Ali)
7. Sooraj ki Baahon me (Loy Mendosa)
8. Senorita (Abhay Deol, Hrithik Roshan & Farhan Akhtar)
9. Humko Pyaar Hua (K.K & Tulsi Kumar)
10. Jo bhi Main (Mohit Chauhan)


Why This Kolaveri..Kolaveri..Kolaveri Diiiiiiiiiii !! 

I could actually not stop humming this song anywhere.. Its one heck of something.. Bollywood Industry is a salute.. It has both pros and cons.. Noone has been on the safer side until now in there, but people earn a "name" being in there.. Its something but fishy !! Oh blah.. Singers always take the awards haha.. I will choose the safer side..

Next time I will mention the Classical songs up there.. ha ha .. Let me have some Masale wale singing classes for now.. Waiting to see myself on such platforms someday.. where I would be equally appreciated and applauded as others.. Its just a chimera, no no, not just a dream, a goal.. a goal to be fulfilled with action. Indeed. Amen

"Head to toes.. Singing would be it.. All said by them (singers).. Unsaid by us (public)
Life to be earned".. :) - Latika Sareen! 

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Sunday, March 4, 2012

Some 'Evergreen Melodies'.. Music remains a part of my life..

     Songs are songs.. some are just as casual as tunes and some reside in your heart like non ending love stories..
As a performer, & an extreme music lover, I could not judge any piece of harmony. Of course I have my own 'Yes and Nos' but I cant be judgmental about any because every piece of music requires the same effort & exertion as any other. Its the same as raising two children, none of them is too loving to parents, equality holds in the post up high. With me, music is the only thing which is evergreen. No matter if its Rap, Jazz, Romantic or Hip Hop. It has its own variations & I have my alternatives. 

I sing, I dance, I write.. Perhaps you might be thinking if I ever my attention gets diverted from the Melody? 
Should I be a lot more precise now? No it doesn't. It precisely doesn't. I could hymn any harmony while working or while taking shower. From eating to studying, I simply need music around me. Its like a woman's man she desires to be with literally 24/7. Terming it like that won't be a guilt. 

Inshallah, someday I will be on the platform of Sa Re Ga Ma Pa or Indian Idol performing infront of thousands and millions of people to atone my inner self. Some real melodious ones in the Bollywood industry have made the singing upmost.. Singers like Mohit Chauhan, A.R Rehman ji, K.K, Benny Dayal, Rahat Fateh Ali Khan ji, Shafqat Amanat Ali, Richa Sharma, Shreya Ghoshal and a lot others are some of the foremost and incomparable singers in the world.  These infact are my most beloved ones. Their outstanding compositions and efforts have made them earn unconditional love. 

Most of us are ruled by Music. We are into music either by the love we have by singing or by attaching ourselves with the instruments used while singing. I, personally am ruled by Music. No matter in what mood I will be in, any piece of soothing harmony would give me peace. Nothing else would. No other human would. 
Its wonderful how some abstract objects or vibes could change the aura around you. Simply Beautiful!

Rest the melodies and a lot other is to be continued.. to be continued in a lot more Detail.. 

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Friday, March 2, 2012

The Hormones

    Don't all parents say that, "our child would be going through or is going through hormonal changes" which results in a contrast. Oh well its pretty much common and intricate to deal with kids of that age groups. From 13 to 18.. how hard it gets to make kids understand your view point.

It feels like an exam time running through you, warning you to just brainstorm and let go. Awkwardness !

These hormonal changes are indeed drastic. As if an unlike adjustment is made into the system. 'The Hormones'wont let him stay in peace.. Hes 16 and the demons kick on the walls of his system to get him in a rage. A rage of such immaturity. A rage of nonsense, hard to understand the right or wrong.

He (16 yr old) wouldn't get to the heights and changes are executed. Yah! The actual correction.. Changes, more of negative are executed in a brutal manner. These bache think we don't understand em, when we ourselves have been through such times and 'horse races'. This tender age is a mark; an indication that he would grow up, despite those hormonal men hitting him with a hammer.

I was a rigid brat during my tender age(s). A total BRAT! literally had no sense of right and wrong. I used to pretend a lot. I would term my teenage years, especially 15-17 as the detrimental Highlights of my life. Grew up now. Finally got rid of those rusky, hardcore, spoiled, callow feelings.. high school had a big hand behind those furtive deeds. College got me rolling, baby! Anyhow, as I said, Hormones are the men who seduce kids of age 13-18. Its conventional.. even more now.. Modernization is being left behind and antagonisms taking it all'.

Nevertheless, we grew up; Just a lil dramas and nonsense stress get us out of those critical days of our lives and we live composed. Umm pretty much a 'mature' understanding of life hits us hard during our teenage which brings out the cultured us, smiling over raunchy days we have had. Indeed !

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