Friday, March 16, 2012

The Fairytale Ended . . .

     For once she felt the 'pain' deep down.. of something been broken, something uncanny. She didn't feel content for once, she was traumatized. Like actually!! Her notions were not to set apart from her lover, yet things changed.. He took a step, she took a step, he couldn't hang onto his rage, she couldn't mute her mouth, and -- it bursts.

She never have had those intimate moments with any 'male' figure. When she realistically fell in love, it didn't last forever. It was going on for years, then -- ? Years !  sounds almost like a half - century to begin with..
They were the 'lovable' couple, yet apart.. The 2 species who were living in love, blindly.. Indeed.

Yet the modified seasonal chit chats had gotten it all.. It happened once and for all -

"You have a BIG FAT EGO PROBLEM", said the girl.

"Me? And you think you are perfect?" the guy fumed.

"Well, I have given pretty much everything to be nearly perfect, the problem is with you who can't adjust", the girl uttered

"Fine, then you don't have to stay with a guy who has such problems and can't handle shit".

"Excuse me? Why can't you change yourself a bit for the sake of it?"

"Could you take time out to talk to me?" the broken guy questioned.

"I have a packed schedule, not possible for now".

"We could take time out for anything in this world if we want to. You just lack the zeal", the pissed guy exclaimed.

"Yup, I lack everything, you could go ahead talk to people you feel comfortable with".

"Look at that attitude. You could move on with your life forgetting that there was a guy named *** ".

"Oh I will, don't be too concerned for me, you too could get on setting apart".

"You are a loser, and you will a loser, respect for nothing, I dont wish to speak to you now".

"You have crossed your limits, thats allright, I started it, you ended it . . stay content your whole life now".

"Bye", the guy snapped.

"Dont ever get to see me again, you . . !" the girl grinding her teeth in anger said.


And this is how the fairytale ended . . with no regards, no concerns, just a tiff between the 'used to be loveliest couple'. It had gone worst in the past, yet the puzzle got together . . She wondered if this time, it was just okay to leave it as it was.

The girl who never had loved anybody, was now a lot more confident to stay out of it. It was neither's fault. The distance couldn't take over those hearts dipped in love. It was more likely, that both of them were terrible distressed after the fight and heartbreaks still couldn't exhibit that they had 'loved each other pretty much'. 

There was a certain thing for both of them.. They couldn't stay without each other.. Those moments and silence of distance never lasted too long. It was just not an ordinary relationship. It was bounded by affection, the closest relation of the two. She expected the guy to understand her, however, the opposite happened. He took all her words as a mark of extreme insult and shame. Despite the collapse, the two remained intact. But at times it just gets over to move onto something better.. So compromising here and there is mandatory in life.

Yes he did the cheapest thing with facebook, and she would never forgive him for that but he would have to realize the worth of her before even conversing..

The only thing she knows for future, no matter what place on the planet she would be at, she would miss him to the core, holding her tears back whispering, "I never forgot to love you, despite of all. You were and you will remain the most precious and my most gorgeous hunk of a man, there would always be a soft corner for you in there." 

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