Thursday, March 22, 2012

My preference --> Blog all day long !!

  There is a saying : "Happiness is a state of activity." By Aristotle 

I believe it is necessary to comfort yourself at first, than thinking about satisfying others. If you are satisfied, people would automatically get those positive vibes.  It always feels like eternity I haven't quoted since. For me, writing has that power and aura of being crucial to live for, or as to say "I always have a thought to quote". 

Writing indeed makes me happy. I know how I have to format my concepts and hypothesis to give them a suitable completion. It somehow, happen on its own when I get to work and I feel the vibes of promotion coming through. I could read blogs all day long and would never get sick of it because reading includes some compassion too. 

There are several topics to talk about while writing, numerous things I could just get onto and would continue quoting. 
A creative thought is a writer's key to live heartily.. People who lack the zeal of being content, they should definitely try modifying their lives with their "creative thoughts".. their shouldn't be any frames in and out. Whatever one decides on talking about, should be honored and envisioned individually.  In future, I might get onto some novel writing or something, but for now, my best friend is "communication through composition". I can't even think about ditching my loyal mate and getting along with a human figure. 

"For me, abstracts work a lot better.. because, it simply makes me light hearted.. a content human figure" !!

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  1. Writing makes me happy, too!
    Keep writing and blogging.

  2. sure sir.. It really does..
    You too, its refreshing reading your writings .. :)