Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Buttercups... Oh I meant B.A.B.I.E.S !!

  Look how beautiful nature is..! It gifts a couple the most wonderful bundle of joy.. The 'wow' moments, the 'overwhelming' instants.. It just astonish us so positively, that even normal people get traumatized.
Beautiful. Babies are one of a kind.. those angelic faces; the flawless features; their exemplary talks; their attitude; their walking styles.. everything is so cute and lovable..

The other day, I was on the bus on my way home when there was a 2 year old sitting with her mom opposite to me..She kept looking at me for good 3-5 mins, when i glanced over, she smiled and disguised herself with a scarf. She looked again, smiled at me, and concealed her alluring face again with a scarf while blushing.. I smiled thinking how cute that gesture is. This happened for some good 5 minutes when she was about to get off, looked at me again and said "bye". I was pleased! Her admirable looks and smile had won my heart. She was actually the cutest buttercup. I had the same beam on my face for long wondering how babies could just win someone's heart in less than 2 seconds. So charming..

They are a blessing indeed. Lovely creatures to be nurtured by parents.. The most adorable money banks..
I like how I have this sudden grin when I see them.. They make my day with their smiles.. I stay pleased..
Kids, just like their name are playful and the best company to hang out with.

Every other day when I am dismayed over something, the only thing that could make up my mood would be babies.. Yes! On the top of the world, no music or any other individual could aid. They work like Magic Johnsons ! The perfect species up here! Rest you know, they will remain the priceless cuties on the planet.. every now and then.. 

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  1. blessing like buds birth.....boon like blossoming flowers ...only when nurtured effectively by parents.....All those who decide to be parents should always remember this ...