Monday, March 5, 2012

Music remains a part of my life... (Part 2)

   So lets continue.. with the unfinished article. Music.. Music is colorful ! It means sundry things to people..
To some its life.. to some its a part of their work... to some its nonsense... to some its everything.. and to some its, its just the unusual meaning in the word Music.. Like it literally controls me up and down.. At times I tend to think that, why don't I just do masters in Music Engineering.. Ha ha seriously.. People question me like anything.. that, "Why don't you just be a CRAZY music engineer"? I get tired hearing all this..

When to some maniacal level I need music in my life no matter what, its worth thinking about having such bindaas future too.. Latest songs have just held onto my attention span.. It doesn't wanna pitch away.

Oh I have this INTENSE desire to be on such top lists amongst others. Some breath taking songs from last year as well as 2010 & 2012 include --
1. Tum ho (Mohit Chauhan)
2. Tu hi Haqeeqat (Javed Ali)
3. Piya o re Piya (Atif Aslam)
4. Aahatein (Kartik)
5. Haal e Dil (Harshit Saxena)
6. Kyun main Jagoon (Shafqat Amanat Ali)
7. Sooraj ki Baahon me (Loy Mendosa)
8. Senorita (Abhay Deol, Hrithik Roshan & Farhan Akhtar)
9. Humko Pyaar Hua (K.K & Tulsi Kumar)
10. Jo bhi Main (Mohit Chauhan)


Why This Kolaveri..Kolaveri..Kolaveri Diiiiiiiiiii !! 

I could actually not stop humming this song anywhere.. Its one heck of something.. Bollywood Industry is a salute.. It has both pros and cons.. Noone has been on the safer side until now in there, but people earn a "name" being in there.. Its something but fishy !! Oh blah.. Singers always take the awards haha.. I will choose the safer side..

Next time I will mention the Classical songs up there.. ha ha .. Let me have some Masale wale singing classes for now.. Waiting to see myself on such platforms someday.. where I would be equally appreciated and applauded as others.. Its just a chimera, no no, not just a dream, a goal.. a goal to be fulfilled with action. Indeed. Amen

"Head to toes.. Singing would be it.. All said by them (singers).. Unsaid by us (public)
Life to be earned".. :) - Latika Sareen! 

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