Friday, March 2, 2012

The Hormones

    Don't all parents say that, "our child would be going through or is going through hormonal changes" which results in a contrast. Oh well its pretty much common and intricate to deal with kids of that age groups. From 13 to 18.. how hard it gets to make kids understand your view point.

It feels like an exam time running through you, warning you to just brainstorm and let go. Awkwardness !

These hormonal changes are indeed drastic. As if an unlike adjustment is made into the system. 'The Hormones'wont let him stay in peace.. Hes 16 and the demons kick on the walls of his system to get him in a rage. A rage of such immaturity. A rage of nonsense, hard to understand the right or wrong.

He (16 yr old) wouldn't get to the heights and changes are executed. Yah! The actual correction.. Changes, more of negative are executed in a brutal manner. These bache think we don't understand em, when we ourselves have been through such times and 'horse races'. This tender age is a mark; an indication that he would grow up, despite those hormonal men hitting him with a hammer.

I was a rigid brat during my tender age(s). A total BRAT! literally had no sense of right and wrong. I used to pretend a lot. I would term my teenage years, especially 15-17 as the detrimental Highlights of my life. Grew up now. Finally got rid of those rusky, hardcore, spoiled, callow feelings.. high school had a big hand behind those furtive deeds. College got me rolling, baby! Anyhow, as I said, Hormones are the men who seduce kids of age 13-18. Its conventional.. even more now.. Modernization is being left behind and antagonisms taking it all'.

Nevertheless, we grew up; Just a lil dramas and nonsense stress get us out of those critical days of our lives and we live composed. Umm pretty much a 'mature' understanding of life hits us hard during our teenage which brings out the cultured us, smiling over raunchy days we have had. Indeed !

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