Sunday, February 26, 2012

My dream guy? Oh my real thoughts of a woman!!

       Have I really started thinking as girls? My mentality never had such serious notions before.. Wonder what struck me hard this time.. Or is it the term "growing up"? Does growing up make a normal human (no man or a woman, just simply human) have mentality that of a woman? sheesh!
This is blowing me up there.. However, since the topic has begun, lets not leave it half page.. Heeeeeee

     So it perhaps starts with my dream guy? Does it? My real to be a woman spirit is coming out from just a "Human" thing.. I believe :/ Every woman has to go to her so called "Real House" one day according to us, Indians! Its not a prayer, its just suppose to happen; same as a ritual.. tradition.. yah..!
Every girl, thinks of her "dream guy" in a precise context.. Here i tell you a list of what -

- Wants him to be one of a kind
- Handsome enough to walk with her
- Talented
- Good Job
- Who could spare time in his life for her
- Loving (Be it forcefully)
- Who could cook
- Who could buy her flowers on Valentine and confess be it forcefully that he loves her.. ;
- Who could be a macho man in public and a romantic bee in bedroom
- Who should not lie even if some girl is hitting on him at his office
- A guy who would practically remember her birthday every year and surprise her with authentic gifts


NOW DO I CLAIM : Oh My Gawd ! Is that a guy a girl would desire or a masterpiece who should be sent from above according to the conditions.. Naah naah, i dont have any such wishes for myself.

I want my Dream guy to be a simple; sober man.. Looks are very much deceptive. He would be all charming and Dashing to me if I would perceive him that way.. His talks should be killing, more than his looks..His way of being attractive would matter to me.. His eyes would ultimately make him flamboyant, looks really arent a big deal! He should know when to be serious about matters and when to laugh over them.. He should be extremely loving. Honesty shouldn't be his best policy but if he wouldn't wanna upset me, he would know what to do.. He should be passionate about couple of things in his life.. including me..There should be no boundaries of anything between the two. Love should be spicy in the alliance; lacking from no sides. He should be so understanding, that my eyes should convey all to him, if not my lips.. I dont want him to be affluent, I just want him to have that confidence and ability of doing A-N-Y-T-H-I-N-G in life. Ofcourse he shouldn't be even close to those negative matters such as consuming alcohol , and he would know what.. :P
He should be a family person.. Respectful, Cheerful amongst his family members.. Religious too!
He should be aware that God exists and is omnipotent! He should be wealthy by heart and not be at lofty heights leading nowhere. He should be proud of his choice, and have guts to conquer all with his smile. He should know that small matter leads to high spirits. No matter how sad the situation would be, he should have faith in himself as well as me that, "Everything really would be allright".
A guy who should have no attitude when it comes to me.. He should be down to earth. Yes yes, am very short temper, but I wouldn't dare to stay mad at him for more than a couple of minutes.. Afterall love is all we need..He should forget his miseries seeing my smile, he should really be a Romeo!!!!!!!!!!!!!
He got to be Romantic all the way ! LOL! I am sorry but Librians are passionate lovers.. Leaving the main course behind would just be an end of the chapter.. And and.. Pretty much Thats about it..

Now my anticipation has been noted here.. Precisely, I want a guy who doesn't exist in this world. LOL! I dont foresight any man in the world to be as per my dream guy.. So falling for the wrong community would equal to murdering my feelings.. Oh la la la... J'ai eu à attendre (I got to wait)..

Until then, let other feminine thoughts build up in the human mind.. 


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  1. i guess the list that u gave initially was less daunting than the latter :P
    ideal?? seems like more than just ideal!! You know what? appearances are deceptive, and so are expectations. not always you like someone who satisfies all your parameters coz such perfection doesn't exist!

  2. Yahh. . Expectations indeed are. Howerr u could expect a lil if not extra.. all u give is what u get in return.. understanding plays a major role here..