Monday, February 13, 2012

Friends for life.. Life for Friends.. Lovable Creatures !!

My Mentioned madonnas.. XoX
          I have a feeling right now to break apart.. just to get done with things and say goodbye to the world..
Sounds too chicky? Actually, dilemmas are such that it tends to reach the "got done" part.. Anyhow, since losing and winning is the part of the game, so i wont back off.. nevertheless i prefer losing..
I never knew that one day out with the best of the friends could make you escape the disputes and scrapes. Yesterday was perhaps one of another Coolest days of 2012 ! A small get together could even make the miseries diminish as if they never were scratched upon... After all friends are what they prove to be there for..
  1. 1. The Honesty
  2. 2. The Devils
  3. 3. The real selves..
As listed.. Without being truthful lies no center ... I love how 2 of my really close ones would never dare to hurt me in any way or lie to me.. Its like a chain with a good deed ends up getting good.. Am i not lucky enough to have them in my life? Mucho Mucho luckyyyyy !!

The devils? are u thinking why i listed that above? Because, if a devil being chatters and gains the sympathy, even if its easier for me to be gullible.. The two Madonnas  in my life would kick his ass just to make him feel their power.. Ha Ha

The last but not the leastt -- The REAL SELVES ! The two young ones, don't conceal themselves anyhow. They are truly the two real inside out beauties in my life.. Their aura remains with the ones they interact.. The charm is never ending.. and the best part of them is that they bring you alive from the dead scenarios..

Demands of a normal human being would never come to and end. A fact is a Fact ! However The only understatement to be used would be that, friends would always be there even if "love" of yours ain't..
Oh yes, ask the ones who have been on the road before... The new path takers, got no experience.. Blah!
Life indeed is short.. Then why do we spend half of our lives fussing and arguing about the care and love we bestowed? Its hard to make everyone comprehend the needs and necessities of one soul.. Yet, The best friends get all.. :) Cheers to the power of such bonding !! 

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