Wednesday, January 18, 2012

The Cognition to Success

   Everyone dreams... everyone has a perception and a way to attain their desired goals.. But how long is the journey to "success" to be familiar with the celebration of it? Yeah, it is something to be somewhere of your choice.. Its a mixture of your sentiments which cant be expressed when the desired thing is fulfilled..
Success - has a different meaning to everyone or as to say the vision to success is diverse . Some of us just think of it as of buying a house... some of us take it as being in a relationship... some of others take it as shopping while some really mean to toil for the zenith of satisfaction. . . Its like pushing yourself against gravity and observing the results..
The feeling to success is not ordinary... It could be felt and not be said.. It could be achieved by working harder and be rejected with an idle mind.. Its all in one go.. Its all in one go...

For the awaited satisfaction of success, it turns up all fancy to celebrate with. I mean if it was that easy to get something, then today i would have been on the moon planting houses.. which ultimately becomes inflexible  than even imagined. Until and unless we are willing not to give up on our lives and the "fun".. it would be soothing and elating to acquire the unfulfilled wishes.. Afterall, everyone gets to face the battle of success and failure know !

Just the ordinary thinking to what people take accomplishment as needs to be modified.. Its not just about getting wet in rain or watching porn with your boyfriend.. Its dense in context as to what needs to be done about the scratched lives.. Awakening is one of the most effective ways or the initiative to what needs to be clarified about your own selves.. Backing off diminishes the dream of being somewhere.. A degree costs nothing as to what the knowledge is.. Papers would remain papers, but the education you give to yourself will be remarkable i guess.. Yah i think it would be.. The society needs to affront complex plights of failure and achievements.. Nothing goes down if a piece of stone is thrown into the sea.. A required change is lacking amongst the members of the family (society) as to what is the feeling of "success"..

The youth would be the adjustment and power to get those dreams and chimera carried out..
I believe all we need is initiative.. rest is upon us to continue or fall back enduring the guilt..
Be cognitive to the sections of your life, rather than just assuming and imagining the pictures of useless, broken illusions..

Face it..face it.. feel it.. feel the fame..a man of value indeed... - Albert Einstein

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