Thursday, January 5, 2012

Its a Journey to be continued..

Life goes on n on n on.. 
I remember i was 10, clamoring and weeping while screeching  : "Mummy, you cant go, you cant leave your kids and reside in a place where you wont be satisfied".. those days were something when she was feeble; helpless because she was trynna snatch a good life for her kids in this material world. We were too small to understand such talks, yahh.. It was meant to be an "Understanding Plight" where i lacked brain.. I was 10.
Growing up was a big task handed over to me. It was a bundle of authorities to be concerned about.. Again, i was just 10 years old..

11..12..13.. Moved on.. Until 16 i remained an infant.. However should i term it as a wish or a fulfilled desire that the matter I have wished for until now in my life, hasnt gone in vain.. Those efforts to get things done, even as a child were priceless.. Some excitements take your breath away; perplex you; astound you; while some just pass by your mind and whisper that "you deserve all of it".. Isnt that beautiful? I mean, such a unique clutch you get a hold onto and it stays.. it does stay.. for long..

Dad used to stay with me in our house, Delhi.. While he used to sing me lullabys and narrate stories, mummy was busy pondering over her kids' snapshots. It was another moment that seized my heart..
The love, the affection, the care.. nothing is bullshit unless you really close your eyes and mean each and every word.. I have always supposed my parents to be the greatest like every othr child. Am i not blessed to have them; ones  who admire you every moment.. ones who take care of your unexpressed feelings.. ones who support you when you limp.. delightful!!

Its being carried on.. It is, truly.. the same sensation of cherishing them.. all.. myself.. and you!

Its a mixed packet of spices.. nevertheless am just gazing at the brightest color.. I amm...

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