Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Feeling Extraordinary**

       There always have been 'n' number of times when i have felt the same i.e nothing extraordinary really has happened to me. However there comes a turn on the road when waves in the ocean promote. I stood still when my heart skipped a beat and I.. I gasped.. It was intense. Felt as if its just me who exists in this beautiful creation. It was sound and atoning, for a while i couldn't put a limit on my giggle. It began with a flow and never took a pause.
It was a couple of years ago.. We had never interacted before, it was the first time, it indeed was the first time.. But how could the first time be such an enchanting image that you yearn for several others like that?
'Yahoo' was a medium to converse.. There was apprehension from both sides, the restlessness of contacting for the first time. Things weren't stable, nonetheless he called.. I heard him, it was like a grip instructing me to catch his voice and.. and breathe..I smiled without letting him notice..
For about hours, we conversed on the phone. Naah naah it was nothing personal, we conferred our experiences, our strength, likes, dislikes, family etc. That night seemed to be an illusion. A live dream!!..I felt a stroke commanding me to accept his voice as a tone of some extraordinary belief..  I loved it..!!

O Yah.. there were nights and mornings succeeding the old ones.. The times when we used to crash on the phone itself while communicating,the best conversations were at 3 AM, the most sincere words were from the heart, and the best moments were those spontanious urges to seize the moment. .. the wait and elation to listen to each other & engrossed in thoughts somewhere.. We used to get hold of unoccupied times hurriedly.. Gradually, the peculiar of us entered the circle of stronger bond which we anticipated to be fortune. The memories which are certainly noteworthy. After all, this feeling was unusual..
  Days and Months passed.. there was this sensation of feeling inclined to this one person, who was bizzare a couple of months ago. The penchant of him, replaced a friends' status. It was now seeming to b a little more.. Just a little more.. It is said that "Your sentiments should be as smooth as water on the mountains, so that the one you admire, gets an account of your feelings". Something like that had occurred when he had a job & chatted while working. Be it day or night, i used to wait for those minutes when i will receive a 'hello'.. At times, our calls used to take more than 5 hours in a row.. Again, it was nothing personal, however a take-up about our 'Crushes' wasn't a bad commence. I infer that we were young enough to consider affairs contemptibly.

    Though, it seemed that we really had felt special about each other in a short span of time.. For the level of comfort.. easiness was not found in anybody else in these years except him.. And absurd me, who uttered everything at once. HE GOT TO KNOW IT!! I admitted that i like him intensely..Aah, one question.. Why, why am i so bashful?
I could never pick an answer for this.. Besides he used to be in a fit of rage because of my shyness. He likes it too.. ha ha.. Seems to be contradictory know? Besides all the talks, and appealing personality.. We used to throughly have a dispute.. It was like a part of our schedule, trivial matters and one of us had to start..
Was like we were paranoid and after 2 days, i had to pacify him.. Sadly, hes really stubborn, Whereas I am the punk, he he.. I didn't really care about the quarrels of daily times, I could be the one loving you and disliking to the utmost in general.. Just me..!!
O boy, those days were something else.. It was naive, but an insanity within something.. It was Beautiful..
& it still is a mesmerizing pleasure..Months passed.. Perhaps a year too.. i no longer could hold back the actual desire to see him.. to gossip and say all unsaid .. maybe it wasn't that basic to do what i estimated.. The unusual thing grew.. The inkling about liking each other 'alot' remained constant. The things were told.. Moments that were equally cherished..

O well.. a story had commenced, a saga, which wasn't there to terminate, but to be loyal and prolong with it.. Yah the Partial Crush.. It's not uncanny to be with just the one you value.. It's just a symbol of being together.. together.. Yah optimistically, that has to happen. I like/liked his soul, fell in love with it and now the attachment ultimately means his presence.. That close link with him was one of a kind.. is one of a kind.. & will be one of a kind in some circumstances..
He has always wished good for me.. "Wants me content in any & every way, that's his motive".. He couldn't made anything better than what actually had happened, it was & is something momentous..
which has had an alluring impression..on me & him..

"True love stories never have endings... They just dont.. & so this love story will never come to a halt..It cant be defined, it can only be felt.. by just me and him"...
Your Lats!!

© Latika Sareen
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  1. Hi Latika,
    You're right - True Stories never have endings...!!!
    Loved reading this.
    You write very well in a peppy style
    Keep Blogging