Monday, January 8, 2018


One day
it came just like the waves of the ocean
and swept away her darkest secrets.

Her laughter;
her virtues
her adolescence
her curves
her sorrow

Her anxiety and
It just left her with the absurdity of life
that she was being played by.
Death & Her was her final choice.
One to the right and one to the left.
After which the only happiness she envisioned was
being dead.

Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Meet me

Meet me in the falling of leaves
where everything turns golden and coffee brown
the moment of haze that brings the love in us.

Then, meet me again in the world of snow
where the feeling of you is frozen in a leaf
and being us requires the compassion we have missed.


Aaj kalam uthayi
Toh yaad aaya
Ki Zindagi ke chaar din
Abhi aur baaki hain

Woh pal
Jo beetein nahi
Saansein abhi lete hue. 

Monday, March 27, 2017

Living Art

The painting that I once had in my living room,
Was now broken into the tiniest colorful pieces
By the woman on the wheelchair who called herself
My ‘stepmother.’

The walls are like a sea,
Colorless and full of pale faces.

I wanted to visit my house again,
To be able to look at my broken painting.
The gift that was given by my father.

I wanted to re-live those thrilled moments,
Where all I saw was happy faces.
I wanted to be written in the book of memories,
Like every day was meaningful
Until I remembered the same painting.

Saturday, March 18, 2017


"Aansu bhi ajeeb hote hain
Jab behne ka waqt na ho
Tab dil ke kareeb hote hain
Zaahir hai ruk nahi paate tab woh lafz
Jo ashko me behke
mohabbat ki dastan kehte hain."

"Unhi palo me jee liye hum, jaha tum the (X 2)
Yunhi chal diye phir 
Jaha tumhare tanha dil ki arzoo ne 
nazranaa diya."

"Kehte the woh ye chupaya nahi karte
Dil ki baaton ka dard bhulaya nahi karte
Raatein to humne bhi badi kaati hai
Zehan pe lafzo ki churiyaan chalaya nahi karte."

Tuesday, February 14, 2017


I had walked up to her thinking I am forgiven
The day had just begun
The new gift of time that I was given
I had known she was the one.

She rose like a light beneath the clouds
Sinking down the river she waved so high
I chose to find her among the crowd
She smirked and flew to touch the sky.

She was an epitome of beauty I had ever seen
Blue eyes with those sharp features
Ready to be dirty yet so clean
I wondered, if god mistakenly created such creatures.

As I got closer, she did not sit still
She thought I might harm her
Leaned back and flew up the hill
I felt as if my mind was being stir

I then had named her a mirage

She was a living creature; seemed a montage.

Thursday, February 2, 2017

'Mom' Phaseout

Had there been a day when she did not shed a tear
I would have forgiven her
for the sake, of a connection everyone was bound to discern
I knew days would pass
and so would the years
then there will be a time when I'll face her so changed.
changed enough to not know what I looked like,
The truth, the gravity of comprehending that I had grown
grown into a woman she hadn't known.

We felt like it was our prime meet
like despite being acquaintances
we were intruders; aliens to the faces we had hugged and kissed
It never felt so dewy and untouched,
but I had known that was it.
A new 'phase' was born,

The bleak vision behind the glass
had made me see that it was failing with desperation
the one I had once uttered 'maa' to,
was now like a seasoned fruit
who just appeared during her need.
I wonder why wasn't I in bewilderment?
rather, I had absorbed the dew on the grass
and moved on with that tear once shed.

Ever since then, I have lived.. I have died
within the open space of my house
have talked to the windows and wine glasses
about sadness of my own,
Not knowing that there is a part of me
already so wrecked
that it refuses to bloom again.