Sunday, March 25, 2012

A Passion to live with ... BANG ON !!

     To begin with, "Its not at all facile to be 'the one' amongst a million". 

It is a rocklike as to call a thing to even commence your journey with. Its not late to realize that. Infact I have been admitting it since a long time. I am myself from the field of Music !! I am a performer and as a performer I know how rigid and dense it is to prove yourself to gain that Self-Satisfaction. 

Everytime I watch DID (Dance India Dance) or any other show related to Dance, there is sort of a madness in me that gain its senses and I live that passion of expressing myself. It is a madness . . .  as rare as a shooting star and as common as tides in water . .
The Passion, Zeal, Hunger, Thirst, Yearning, Aggression.. these words describe the need and craving of a performer. To be 'him/her' amongst the crowd. . .

Therefore my only aim through that will be to be appeased and content that I will be someone . Dance makes my life and it would be the only thing which would keep me blessed. .  However, I fear the crowd at times. Because I know there are people who are far better than me too. So competing with the champs is not going to be as easy for me as I had anticipated. 100 times more the hard work then they have put would make me get somewhere closer to those studs but 300 times the passion what they have would make me get my goal. These notions are dynamic and potent just like ranks. They have that ability to either make me or erase me.. 

My only work now is to make it legit. To attain the Identity I want to struggle for. The name,
I would ask people who have something in life to be proud about not to back out. Struggle, fight, mettle.. keep doing it so as when you look back once you have acquired it, you feel gratified and glorious as to your days of 'labor' have now been paid..

"Your attempt would be a memory then; the only thing that would matter throughout is that you are a BANG ON ! " 

I would like to close this section with true words I firmly count on :

"Kuch aisa karke dikha, 
Khud khush ho jaaye khuda,
Aashayein khile dil ki,
Ummedein hase dil ki,
Ab mushkil nahi kuch bhi, 

© Latika Sareen
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