Saturday, August 24, 2013

Death of a soul

She was drifting away to the other shore of life
where life was a different case than
getting along with your grown up kids
she knew, Mrinal would never get along with her
like she does with other mothers
Yet, Suhana (she) had a ray of hope
that perhaps some Tuesday of the week
Mrinal would not hold a grudge against her
Oh Well, Tuesday was the day when Mrinal used to
throb her mother in a room black and blue
A day which Suhana noted in her journal
with a tear uncovered.

She hoped that maybe someday Mrinal would
treat her with the equal morals and values as
she does with others.
Suhana had suffered a lot allready. And now
Beatings from her own daughter
The sound of deaths she had imagined
and curled herself into
were intimidating.
A piece of no commence.

She tried hard to bond up with Mrinal,
be her buddy of blues and bliss
Though it worked for a short span
but never got carried through time

With no longer than 3 months
which Suhana had endured
she committed suicide
in the memory of Mrinal
keeping her in mind
Mourning for her own soul
and her daughter's
with bare cracks.

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