Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Childhood - What it really was ?

       This has been happening that my mother yells at me even now,"Beta, you are not a kid anymore, you are transforming into a mature young girl, why dont you act like that at home?" Ha ha . To be precise, I do have a smirk on my face when she says that. But the truth is, that I would never grow up from inside because I like her giving me lectures for no good reasons. At times, there are some close ones who would chit chat about their childhood and I (serious personality) would barely utter something. Some sudden emotion hits the walls of my brain and I tend to speak about my CHILDHOOD in a random awkward tone. However it is a speechless feeling when I converse about it. I have done so much in my childhood that one would definitely end up calling me a 'wicked kid'.

I was very MiScHeViOuS !! Atleast until 15 I was, then I ended up coming to U.S.A and there was a framed wicked teenager part of me which came out to be devilish amongst some friends. My grandma used to tell me how I used to throw the family's sandals down from 3rd floor to the 1st floor. How I used to play and dirty myself with flour while seeing her work in kitchen. How I used to imitate my mom in front of my grandma.
How I used to to hide after being a wild kid to get no beatings from my mom. And how I used to use my mother's cosmetics to primp myself ruining her set of makeup. Blah Blah . . . .

Its funny how such stuff always remains a part of you. And its uncanny (in a good way) that I still remember that I was a pain in the ass yet the cutest baby girl. Well others' said so, cant really deny the validity of that. He he.
However, it is spectacular that such things and certain matter about your childhood is precious.. Too precious!

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