Sunday, September 2, 2012

A New Love Story . . Begins :)

     Today I was sitting down all by myself by the river wanting to experience a change, novelty. . . a spark or some tickle which hasn't been in me since decades. Nothing happened. Nothing has happened until now. That is what the grief is for. It doesn't feel less than a failure who isn't seeking for anything wild and happening. Sitting all composed around the shores of the river, I began writing, and for the first time it felt like it would hit me hard . . 
Just like the water around the shore. . with no noise, but a charm to fill the air around it with a fragrance . . a fragrance of no cost .. 

I long to keep you in me
with full of scent around
I wish to make love to you
I wish to hold you down

There is more to desire
Than to just speculate
There is nothing to lose hope for
For there are many to come
And for one you to melt

Before I come to you
I would have to ponder back
For there would be no conflicts
For there would be no physical contacts

It seemed like an upland
Full of ups and downs
One life, which make people play solemn
And many more which make us play clowns

Love me merely for who I am
For I beget something of that sought
Don't put the conditions before you owe me
Your scent of little thoughts

The journey is way too prolonged
Than what we had contemplated
I felt the drop of the rain
Which struck me austere
Growing my soul
With me rejuvenated.

Will we end it there?
With no toughness in us?
Or will we get it closer
With your lips on mine
Like there would none other than us..

And in that color, it ended. . I ceased the nib of the pen to scribble more than just musings. Took a deep breath, devoting my sight to nature's honesty for playing straight and bestowing my senses to the atmosphere I was in . . I whispered in the ears of the light breeze  

"Dusk and dawn a part of me,
Yet thou groan
For you shall
Remain LOVED"

And I smiled , for the smile was not just on the face ... it was from within of conquering more than just castles in the air .. 

© Latika Sareen
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