Thursday, September 6, 2012

All I wish, to Write !

  I wish to write in a scattered form
Lines which never bound to explain
The intensity of the words
I put down on the piece of paper
I own

I wish to write in an abundant form
Far to relocate the soul
Which was once alive
To the world
She knew she liked

I wish to write in a yearning form
To have plenty around me
To be gratified with
For I know, I lack
The power to tackle

I wish to write in a form of no name
Ambiguous all over
With no startings,
With no endings,
Just the way flowing down a slope
So uncertain

I wish to write,
Is all I wish
Be it scattered or abundant
Of name or be it yearning
I am intimidated by hue of others
Which beguiled me to points

Now, I say
I hold a pen
Help me discover something untold
Something revived
For I will only be coaxed by you
Abandon the world,
That was left behind

© Latika Sareen
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  1. A write about how writes and people inspire.. :)

  2. You being an inspiration yourself, talk about it.