Friday, September 21, 2012

"Marry Me" - The Dead Proposal



A woman so meek
Full of elegance
Her glimpse worth a gold
Her charm more than
A soul's.

              Her breath that of 
              A mist
              Her touch
              Full of bliss.

A woman so close
So close to me
Like a touch ilusory
Cheered to see

             The kiss you kissed
             On me the other day
             Was a future hold
             Of your words and
             Caress you bestowed

Like the water on you
Felt exhilarating
Also your body
Soaked in dew,
What a savor that was
To see you shower
In moisture.

              Your voice so placid
               Like the scent of waves
               And you embrace it
               Like I do to you
               Friction hence
               Created between us two.

I find you breathless
I find you sensuous

                I owe you something
                Care to accept?
                For you will be the woman so divine
                Who gives me an aura to survive
                A proposal so sketchy
                Yet in time
                 I am constructing in the grave.

"Will you marry me
And be the woman forever
For we will last longer than any other thought
Before I die, Actually before we die,
We will make sure
I loved you enough"

                                                        - Jason
© Latika Sareen
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