Wednesday, September 19, 2012

The Youth he Missed

So, he looked in the mirror
Rendering to his presence
To be alive
To feel it
The atmosphere he was in

And so he realized
That it was,
The youth of him
He had lost
A while ago.

The glow on his face
As if had gone
With his youth
Full of black
Full of white
As if the color of him
Was meant to be

The child who was his
Beneath the sky
Left him in solitude
With a name
Defined 'Father'

The feeling so anguish
Full of tears and clamor
For he had no fathomed life
Except his son
For he had too gone far
With a single soul
Left behind
Behind. Very. Indeed

Just a glimpse
He begged for
Like that of light
In the wake of obscurity
For he had seen his
Youth in him

A youth he missed
Of no love
Like that of
A father to a child
Yet he struggled for
His bits and baubles
Rendering to his presence
To feel it
The atmosphere he was in.

© Latika Sareen
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  1. Words are exquisite.. Some technicalities can be over looked for the freshness that it already exudes.

  2. Thank You Mr.Sen . A word of appreciation from you means A Lot !