Wednesday, September 19, 2012

An escape to Yesterday

She wore the drape like
With charm and grace
On the face
Filled with mirth
Here and There.

Her eyes that spoke
Utmost composure
Her lips which construed
The way she adorned
Was no less than
A wine's spell

Her - wearing the vermilion
With a sense of
To be burnt
Within the fervor
Of a woman's appeal

Married her, just for
The sake of society
Had a search
For an escape
The past.

As he abandoned her
The woman so vivacious
And she had
Kept him aside
To be filled with his
Scent of passion
And obliterate
The world
Of hers so Present

For she adorned herself
For the past
She had
Assembling no
Reflections of today

The love that died
On her yesterday
Was the one
Culpable for her
Mere Madness

In as much she
Was a mad character
Full of joy
Yet so hollow

Since she had no
Seeing that she had decked up
For the past

Wearing the necklace around her
Like that with pleasure
Sliding her feet in the
Inches of heel
She felt so smooth with

Wearing the bangles as if
It was the last night of hers
In a room full of people
For she was contemplating
A new Life
With her gone days
Filled with Mirth
Here and There
She desired.

© Latika Sareen
Protected by Copyscape DMCA Copyright Protection

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