Friday, September 21, 2012


What to call it ?
A sadistic pleasure or
The dark stages of life
Where I suffered
With no shadow of my own

For I had greed
To be called amongst Others
To be pronounced
In the form so fair
As the juvenility of mine
Had been horrendous
For people shrieked
Me being a maniac
Where the mania was just
To be accepted as a normal

Being able to endure the eclipse
Was a battle itself
When I was being
Discarded in the trash with
An emotion unknown
A cry so frigid

All I urged for was
A name of
Considering that I was in solitude
As a youth so

My soul conflicting
With Asperger's Syndrome
My body that so feeble
My desires denominated  rotten
I - raised as a soul
So dormant in nature
All by myself

Now that the world
Was a mere circus to me
The ones ahead and behind the dot
However nothing and no one held
Importance to me
Being a contrasting heart
I was a kid of substance
A change in the crowd
But what dreaded me was
Awful Touch behind my name
Arjun Unwanted.

Latika Sareen
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