Friday, August 31, 2012

Apathy with time . .

   We had started in a union,
Vowing not to abandon the
'Best friends' tag tagged over us
                                                Just over time

           We chose to be distinct

                                               In different paths of life

            In the ways where people can't discern us

                                               Or anything related to us
We had a notion to move apart
And feel the pain from within...

Whatever it was,
It took me away from them
When they were considered as nerds & geeks
The must students in every club and class
Had reached the lofty heights they had fathomed
All because of their efforts !

And me?
Despite the company of


I was on the ground
Looking for an escape


Which was bleak in vision

Trying to satisfy my thirsty soul
A soul which wanted to 'write'..

I was way below
The level they had attained..
The standards of life, they had discovered

There was jealousy,
There was sweat down the drain
I envied some
But was content in some way
Of living on a gratifying

The laughter which I had claimed
And they couldn't
Because they were busy investigating their cases in
Multinational companies

And I was writing a prose
By the lake,
Which I didn't finish
Even by now.

© Latika Sareen
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  1. Well Written - "despite the company of geeks" ...!!! LOL

  2. =p
    very well said. Thank you
    ha ha