Saturday, August 18, 2012


A stroll down the lane,
Took me somewhere I wasn't looking forward to
Showed me something, I wasn't expecting
A ride what it was,
Full of joys and phantasms.

No one had trusted me enough
With the dreams sown
I was the sole one
Full of enthusiasm and faith
Which was the onset for future encounters.

I was growing up
But limits were not in my world
It was a direct contact with the satisfaction
Nailing it all,
Leaving no mark to cry upon.

And then one day,
Something had happened
So profound and loud,
For he had passed away
At the wrong phase of life.

I was on my way to
Acknowledge the new
When I had to step back,
To support the remaining clan
For there was nobody else
To confront the solemn times.

He whom I had called dad
Was no more a part of me
For he had gone
Because of my decision
A feeling of guilt was upcoming. 

It was an emotion
Worth a hundred tears
Full of oceans that were once blue
Full of shadows, that were once colored.

The fantasy was the end of me
Being by the family left
Sacrificing myself to develop others
Became a key of such times.

What was next?
I hadn't given up yet,
Thoughts to rich my family up
In the serious phases
Was a condition,
And then was
A route to my Goal.

And there was a day,
When I wasn't stopped by any
I flew to a place of no name,
Of no deeds.

I came to create a ruckus in the world
To be up for self satisfaction
To be me,
I guess, revealing all
Which was in me, I couldn't express.

I told them,
Let me be,
Don't pass away,
I will follow your dreams too,
In one life, give me mine,
In another, I ll bestow you all.

© Latika Sareen
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