Saturday, August 4, 2012

Silent Walks !!

     Walking in the dead space at 12 am is a beauty in itself. Discovering the inner momentum which drifts me away from the routine life. The depth of space; the unmeasurable intensity the silence speaks with, today, for the first time seemed heavenly.

    For one moment, I was under control of the space around me. It felt like it had enveloped me so well that volumes were spoken. Volumes in term of affection; zeal and fervor. The man's absence was felt in no limits, yet I consoled myself to an extent believing in good.

   Walking in the dead night, where nobody could see you and you be opaque, is a mystery all in all. The gush I had while taking rolls was one goddamn instant, when I had surrendered myself to the clouds above me.

   The caress, the embrace was felt. I had defined 'mirth' in a way that smiles became involuntary loading the glance of him being fathomed. A slight brush upon the cheek, to feel the impeccable sentiment had turned into an ambrosial inclination.

   The one he have had discovered long time ago.

   I tend to walk late on things.

   Hence, making up for all that have been misconstrued. In bits and pieces.

© Latika Sareen
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