Monday, August 20, 2012

The Interpretation of a capture !!

     I was there. I was present there physically when Maurya was going through that pain. Pain of loss of her child. The social fear she had to mourn in front of. The personal shame of letting her child depart from her.

Arjun Kamath Photography 
People tried convincing her that it was fated, yet she mourned. 

Agonized outbound. 

Maurya had never felt the real emotion of a 'normal woman'. She had an urge to feel real. She failed. Several units.

No matter what times she tried to be gratified, she couldn't keep up with it. She was psychotic. The true brain disorders had never let her fight the world.

So, she ended up fighting with her own self. Fussing and crying for nothing. Feeling loved when no one was actually there. Romancing in the oceans of tears. She had her own definitions to life. Rather, she was made to reckon in a way, that normality was a lot far than her actual character.

  She had gone through the deepest scars in life. This one wasn't astounding. Yet it was a hit on the heart. 
A hit so loud, that it burned rest of her desires

Her wishes of getting her little one married. Her wants of another family was faded. As a mother's wish, Maurya had the feel to adorn her child, to see her as a 'Normal bride'. Her aspirations to envision that were bleak. Her demands of a new set of 'life' were pale. 

"I have had enough", she muttered. 

It was time for Maurya to be back in senses after the DEATH. 

And that is when she had lost control over herself. 

Arjun Kamath Photography
Reminding herself that, "I am okay". When the situations were a lot adverse. 

Looking back at what Maurya have had, she had no relations to piece down her stories with. 
She was mourning it all in solitude. 

She wasn't poised. She had no charge over her mind. 
i.e when Maurya was termed as a 

A bride who had lost her husband on the day of her marriage. And was agonizing in the pain of her lost child who was from another male. 

However, after the death of Maurya's child, she lived in a cage herself. A hospital where she was being examined. Maurya still had the 'normal bride' notions in her head. To her, her child wasn't absent. 

It was a conflicting phase for her where she should have admitted the reality's attack, while she was being deluded into hallucinations, being forced to believe into something she wasn't hearting in. Maurya felt unreal. 
The parts of her body reacted in a distinct way than that of an average human figure. She was manipulated in a certain way that she was strained to fascinate herself after every death that took place in her family. 

It was a deliberate action by psychotic orders over which she had no say. She was constantly fighting it with a camouflage over her, but under extreme plights, romance was her way of sighing over dead bodies. She was forced. She was unrealistically in the boundaries of phantasms.

She was willing to take a standard stand, but the psychotic mind disorder had taken her in its path. She was fantasized. She was being daydreamed deliberately. 

Arjun Kamath Photography
After days of engaging in mental encounters, Maurya had passed away grieving and lamenting over the deaths' in her clan

Her last words mumbled were, "I thought I was okay, take me home, I want to photo myself. I feel lonely. Take me home".

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