Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Win is my Time . . .

They came, not to bother me, but to let me down,
I claimed that I am an artist
Nothing would break me down. 

The fear never went, the apprehension grew,
Thinking what if somebody cuts me down?
But I had the power of self confidence uttering 
That, nothing would let me down. 

The society, the people, which never cared,
Now show the bogus side of them by caring,
The expectations from them were never there,
Then how did the sides modify?

I see how the community likes picking up on people,
Aware of their own dilemmas, 
Yet putting them unseen. 
A hard tearing others apart, full with blood,
Avoiding the praises, raising the taunts obscene. 

They stepped back, moving forward again,
Hearing my words of anger,
Thrashing upon my audacity,
Love of theirs which utterly surrendered. 

I babbled, that win is my time,
Nobody could harm it that easy,
They delivered out of courage,

"Go get the wisdom, without the disparage,
You are an endless soul, we were only here to discourage"

© Latika Sareen
Protected by Copyscape DMCA Copyright Protection

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