Saturday, July 14, 2012

The Ambivalent Haze !

The inhumane behavior
Far from innocence
The fighting sole spirit
In the dark end
The blight of the time
Full of dark shadows
The life from behind
Seemed like a freezing bit.

The gathering of her presence
Lost in the dark
Full of filthy capturing
Inverted the lonely being
With the feel of no emotions
She carrying the heaviness of guilt
Weeping over her plight
Life seemed no right
In the ambiance of ambivalent haze. 

There was no breath
Just to live again
The new glorious moon
Yet to see again
Diffusing the enigma
Was the sole purpose
Of the foul characters
Scratching the woman from within.

It seemed no more than a reality
Full of bemoan and wails
A new commence which faded
The blooming which rose as smoke
Identifying the detrimental climate
Rising of flames
Deep in red
Expecting a sunshine to begin ! 

© Latika Sareen
Protected by Copyscape DMCA Copyright Protection

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