Friday, July 13, 2012

Those rare 'loving' ones..

   I personally believe in just one quote, "When there are millions to appreciate you around the globe, there always be that one you are dear to who would block you out and not comprehend the given."

- Latikaa

   Isn't life so bizarre to be understood? The tall claims our dear ones make to keep us happy turn out to be the rejections when thorns are confronted.  Isn't that the time when smoke rises and things seem blurry as everything? We lose control over our beloved ones, and they being the critical matter doesn't get deepen anymore. Infact the hues fade and so does the flame. We learn to adapt ourselves to the new ones and keep the old ones in a recollection to the new..

   But all we do is hold our heads high and face it all..because 'we' once loved them with the same intensity of rage we have for them today..

Shayad isi ka naam zindagi hai...? (Maybe this is what we term as 'Life')

© Latika Sareen
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