Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Once I was a Human

      In the back days, I was a human,
With full of life and zeal which it takes.
In an environment full of other creatures,
A place, where humanity never took place. 

It was odd to be the single amongst many,
Yet I contained a nerve to speak.
I was falling from the zenith to nullity,
For me humanity was the highest peak.

Small in rooms, colossal the hearts,
Life seemed different.
Affected by none, still the same,
Fomenting the emotions yet acclaimed.

It was a change from within,
Full of scars and emptiness.
Nothing had changed, just the outlook,
The hearts which got so carious. 

I was a human, back then with sentiments,
Full of life and ecstasy in power.
I didn't know the sides of the coin,
Head and Tails which empowered. 

It was a living with foreign creatures,
Tender ages had recovered.
Weeping for some sense to be a human,
Yearning for real affection. 

And then it ended, what a dream it was,
Full of fear and agitation.
Life seemed so abnormal being another creature,
Facing the challenges,
A human would only discover ! 

© Latika Sareen
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