Monday, July 30, 2012

Love to his Bliss . .

It was a hazy touch
Filled with fascination of her
Syd & Vidya.. The souls in unconditional love.. 
It felt like a fantasy
Full of desires
Full of enduring passion they craved for.

He came close
Touched the shoulder tip of hers
With his trembling fingers
Investing her trust in him
Contracting her muscles 
Leaving her to melt down to purity.

He loved her beyond infinity
The love which he had pledged on not to fade
And the smile he was hungry for

It was his raw love which took her from herself
The gentle stroke he was used to touch her with
The love-making tales they talked about
The rains which not just got them wet
But had softened their bodies.

It wasn't a teenage love
Yet it lasted for the longest
With the liaison made 
Between the two souls

The moist breaths
The wet kisses
Had gotten them closer

To a blissful future they had envisioned
In the love of depth
Far from estimation
Close to a flame which uttered "Togetherness"

© Latika Sareen
Protected by Copyscape DMCA Copyright Protection

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