Thursday, July 12, 2012

Everytime .. Everytime I try

I wish to lose myself within you.. =(
    Everytime you treat me like this, my belief off 'marriage' gets bold,
    Everytime you say before giving a thought, things aim to get cold,
    Everytime I say something, I tend to be wrong,
    Everytime I try to speak; you make me believe that your world is not the place where I belong,
Everytime I try to bridge the gaps; it widens,
Everytime I try to thwart any conflicts; I fail,
Everytime I try; I fail to push it that hard,
Everytime you say I am wrong, it feels like a soul in me is marred.

   Everytime we give it a new meaning, the life falls apart,
   Everytime you think it would be fine, it declines a start,
   Everytime the 'thing' happens, we are bound to lose,
   Gaining nothing but failure, our life with contrary views.

Everytime I try to settle the lost thoughts,
You fail to concede on one common slot,
Everytime I start, you want to end,
Everytime you are not there, I do need a friend.

   Even this time, there was a narrow angle to your vision,
   Claiming to be perfect, full of flaws in between,
   Everytime I think to set apart from you, I hold it back saying something,
   "That I want a life with you, enough of you to term it 'bluffing'".

Everytime we indulge into a fight, you never comprehend what goes on,
The love between us then vanish, the only thing you need is to have won.
Everytime you give me that attitude of not holding onto it anymore, I fail to realize,
If you want a saga as badly as me,
Then trivial matters is just a start, we have a life which flourish and dries.
© Latika Sareen
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