Thursday, June 21, 2012

The Relevance of Joy !

           Whenever I get on stage to perform.. I get goosebumps.. Its like a never ending emotion. It seems that an ever lasting dream to give the best in public has come true.. However, it never stops.. the water still flows down the slope, moderately. The last time i performed was in December 011' amidst the crowd. Knowingly, unknowingly there was a crowd of more than 200 people and I was nervous like anything...

Despite that, i went on and gave my best.. There were rewards for the performers.. The certificates.. some best of the best trophies but nothing satisfies me other than giving the best out there in public with the innate talent.

Dancing is like something greater than just a passion to me.. The only thing that could separate the blood and the veins is death.. Performances here and there, I could feel the aura of every ambiance I perform in. There is a magic in every crowd, some tight vibrations which charge me to entertain them.. Its something inexpressive..  

Something I wish to hold onto. A remark I wish to justify, yet fail! I am anticipating I would always be there to give my best, to smile and get everybody a hint of what it feels like to be dazed !

© Latika Sareen 

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