Saturday, June 9, 2012

In a Fit of Rage !!

    This emotion at times which makes me feel like digging my nails into my skin and clamor to the fullest . . .

This sensation which makes me hate EVERYBODY, without any exceptions...

The time when I can not hold onto my tears ; all I wanna do is SHRIEK ! SCREECH ! OUTCRY ! 

And yell out,

Because I have tolerated beyond my breaking point... No more of those lousy understandings; no more of shit; no more of those insincere cries.. I am done taking all, being civilized to no limits.. Now its time to act up!

People dance on your heads if you give them too much freedom over yourself..

DON'T ! DON'T ! Be it anybody, Be in Limits, Do not let them see your real self, because
They-will-regret-seeing-your-breaking-point .


© Latika Sareen
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