Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Devil in Disguise..

    Many of the stories start with 'Broken Hearts' and terminate with the slogan 'Happy Endings'. However, this story is a little different and uncertain from the common ones. This story commenced with the 'silence' and ended on a dead note. Lets interpret the meaning of anguish from a different outlook..through the story of beloved Lohana and her family.

   Lohana was a 22 year old, city based family girl in India. Living there from past 5 years, after moving from Canada was a big task. She was affluent, mature in thoughts, extremely stunning beauty to look at. She was a plain lady, who dressed with a sense of simplicity, with an attitude to be 'down to earth'. She was residing in New Delhi with her family which comprised of her father Vishal, and her mother, Vanshika. She was a contrast to all the certain ones around her. But she never knew that her family would cast an evil eye on her than granting her the blessings she yearned for.

    As Lohana grew older, living in a particular place had made it easy for Lohana to fall in love with the beauty of nature. While hanging around with her own group of girls and boys, she found it hard to fall for any guy that smoothly. Lohana's dad was an extreme Drug addict, a drunkard, an invidual who seemed good for nothing. He never had realized his charges for his daughter and his wife. Rather, he earned his living by living on streets, and by raping women with the group he lived with. He was termed as a 'moral less and a characterless man' for what he did behind his family's back.

     There were times when Lohana used to walk home late from classes due to tuitions and  late night studies, yet she was never disturbed in the middle of the road by anyone. One evening, Vishal was out with his friends on his tour to fulfill the signed contracts and boozing. It was a dark environment, when Lohana, decided to leave the college and finally be home with her mother, Vanshika. Vishal's friends were fully drunk and had no sense of what would happen next in their lives. This is when the whole moment changed from being positive to negative...

    After walking a few miles, Lohana got exhausted. Whereas Vishal and his friends were looking for a prey to chew on. As Vishal's friends saw a girl walking in dark on the road, they moved out of the car, holding a sack to have a delightful time. They followed Lohana without her notice. They got infront of her, put the sack over her with the duct tape covering her mouth and dragging her to the safer place where they could have their gala time with the young one.
Lohana screamed on the top of her voice, with tears in her eyes, but those filthy men disregarded her voice, including Vishal. The men had wraped the shirt around the girl and had knocked her to the floor. It seemed like darkness had swallowed her. Vishal was unnheard to the sinful deed he was going to commit by raping his own daughter.

    Lohana struggled hard but they forced her to go up the stairs. They got to the roof and held her down on the ground screaming, "Shut the **** up and stop moving around!". The shirt had covered her face but she clamored to the clouds. So one of the men, stomped on the girl until he broke her jaw. The bastards were aware of their deed to the girl yet they ignored the 'letting go' fact. The men broke her ribs until she stopped moving.
    Lohana had her blood leaking through the cloth, crying silently, when they all proceeded to rape the girl violently. One of them was sent first, but each of them took a turn, breaking her jaws without their concern. When they were done and she was lying bloody, broken and bruised, they had uttered that she was a witness of what she was going through. Vishal got the last chance to end the girl's life after raping her to his heart. He was proud standing with his brothers, he pulled the shirt cover from the girl's face. But what he saw made him start to cringe and stutter, because he was staring into the eyes of his own DAUGHTER.
She looked back at him and cried, because he had forsaken her, she cried full of pain than when they were raping her.

    His whole world shattered, he couldn't even contemplate. His corruption had succesfully changed his fate. He turned away from the girl he had once loved and termed her as his 'daughter'. He shivered, gaining senses back after ending his daughter's life. He cried out to the sky as he was lonely and startled, but no one responded except the devil. And right there he knew what it was to be empty and cold, so he jumped off the roof and died with no soul. And both of their lives ended with alarming notices.

    No one ever spoke about the death of the two. The mom after hearing this was paralyzed for 10 years. Now that noone had to look after Lohana's mother, she died being paralyzed, weeping and grieving for what she had lost. That is how the family ended with no love amongst any.

    Moral of the Story - Live the life given as it is, moulding and indulging into negative materials end up shattering the 'family'.. Every man is responsible for his family, every man needs to be awaken !!

Credits : Dance with the Devil by Immortal Technique

© Latika Sareen
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